Friday, March 31, 2006

Visualization in the Security and New Media world

Information visualization seems to be a growing trend in today's knowledge driven, and information-overloaded society. The following represents a URL tree graph of the Security Mind Streams blog -- looks resourceful! Want to freely graph your site/blog? Take advantage of Texone's tree, just make sure you don't forget to press the ESC key at a certain point.

In my first post related to "Visialization, intelligence and the Starlight project" I introduced you a fully realistic and feasible solution to filtering important indicators whatever the reason. Moreover, I also came across a great visualization of malware activity in another post summarizing malware trends around February. What I'm truly enjoying, is the research efforts put in the concept by both, security/IT professionals, and new media companies realizing that the current state of the mature text-based Web.

Ever wanted to see how noisy connect() scans actually are? In early stage of its development, people are already experimenting with the idea, find more about while going through "Passive Visual Fingerprinting of Network Attack Tools" paper. Things are getting much more quantitative and in-depth in another recommended reading on the topic "Real-Time Visualization of Network Attacks on High-Speed Links" whose purpose is to "show that malicious traffic flows such as denial-of-service attacks and various scanning activities can be visualized in an intuitive manner. A simple but novel idea of plotting a packet using its source IP address, destination IP address, and the destination port in a 3-dimensional space graphically reveals ongoing attacks. Leveraging this property, combined with the fact that only three header fields per each packet need to be examined, a fast attack detection and classification algorithm can be devised."

Presented at this year's BlackHat con "Malware Cinema, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Packets" will provide with much more fancy visualization concepts related to malware. Originally presented by Gregory Conti, you can also download the associated resources, and keep an eye on the audio in case you didn't attend the con.

As far as new media is concerned, I'm so impatient to witness more developments given how boring I find any of the browsers I've used so far -- and there're a lot of developments going on as always! Virtual worlds have the potential to change the face of the Web, the text/image based one the way we know it.

Remember how the federal agents were chatting face-in-face with the malicious attacker through the innovative and programmed for the masses browser, in NetForce? Hive7 is the alternative in 2006, and if you spend some with it, you'll be impressed by its potential -- say goodbye to the good old IRC?

UPDATE : picked up the post "Visualization in the Security and New Media world"

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