Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vladuz's Ebay CAPTCHA Populator

Nice slideshow courtesy of eWeek providing various screenshots related to Vladuz's impersonation attacks on Ebay :

"And whether or not Vladuz is responsible for writing a tool to automatically skim eBay customers accounts and thus cause sharp spikes in bogus listings being taken down and relisted multiple times a day, he or she has the mythic reputation at this point to be credited as the cause."

Compared to diversifying its targets, permanently sticking to Ebay as the main target is already prompting the Web icon to put more efforts into tracking him down. Last year for instance, automated bots exploited Ebay's CAPTCHA and started self-recommending each other, but with Vladuz's Ebay CAPTCHA Populator, improving the quality of Ebay's authentication process should get a higher priority than tracking him down as another such tool will follow from someone else out there.