Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Electronic Jihad's Targets List

Despite the fact that the Electronic Jihad 3.0 campaign was a futile attempt right from the very beginning, given the domains that were supposed to synchronize the targets to be attacked were down, it's interesting to try finding out who were they targeting at the first place? In the first campaigns, the URLs of the targets, not the victims since they couldn't scale enough to cause even partial damage, were obtainable via the web, compared to the third one where they were about to get synchronized. And since the synchronization URLs were down before we could take a peek, here are the targets URLs from the first two campaigns.

First campaign's targets list :

Second campaign's targets list :

The attached table is the classificaton of the attacks, as site to be attacked, reason for the attack, importance, the results, and the site's status after tha attack, namely is it up and running or shut down completely, and how shutting it down would please God.

There's a saying that a person is judged by the type of enemies he has. If we apply it in this situation, you would see a bunch of inspired wannabe cyber jihadists whose biggest enemy is their idiocity at the first place. So, if these are the cyber jihadist enemies of yours - lucky you, and your critical infrastructure's integrity.