Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Invisible Blackhat SEO Campaign

Count this as a historical example of a blackhat SEO campaign, and despite that "Fresh Afield's" blog (blogs.mdc.mo.gov) is now clean, cached copies confirm the existence of hidden links that were embedded on each and every post on it, apparently due to a compromise. The blackhat SEO links invisible embedded within the blog's posts on the other hand point to a compromised account at the Texas A&M University (aero.tamu.edu/people/raktim), as you can see in the screenshot. Moreover, there's also a visible part of the campaign that was located under blogs.mdc.mo.gov/custom/?0f, and as usual, once the blackhat SEO pages were either uploaded or embedded like it happened in this case, the campaigns under the blogs.mdc.mo.gov URL were spammed across the Internet.