Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The United Nations Serving Malware

Yet another massive SQL injection attack is making its rounds online, and this time without the SEO poisoning as an attack tactic, has managed to successfully infect the United Nations events page, which is now also marked as malware infected page, and with a reason since both the malicious URl and the injection are still active. According to WebSense :

"This mass injection is remarkably similar to the attack we saw earlier this month. When a user browses to a compromised site, the injected JavaScript loads a file named 1.js which is hosted on http://www.nihao[removed].com The JavaScript code then redirects the user to 1.htm (also hosted on the same server). Once loaded, the file attempts 8 different exploits (the attack last April utilised 12). The exploits target Microsoft applications, specifically browsers not patched against the VML exploit MS07-004 as well as other applications. Ominously files named McAfee.htm and Yahoo.php are also called by 1.htm but are no longer active at the time of writing. There are further similarities too between the two mass attacks. Resident on the latest malicious domain is a tool used in the execution of the attack. An analysis of that tool can be found in the ISC diary entry here. Mentioned in that diary entry is http://www.2117[removed].net. Our blog on that attack can be found here. It appears that same tool was used to orchestrate this attack too. "

Let's assess the malicious injection. 1.js ( is attempting to load 1.htm, where several other internal exploit serving URLs and javascript obfuscations load through IFRAMES, such as : Real.gif
niha Yahoo.php cuteqq.htm Ms07055.htm Ms07033.htm Ms07018.htm Ms07004.htm Ajax.htm

.com/ Ms06014.htm Bfyy.htm Lz.htm Pps.htm XunLei.htm

and finally serve the malware, by also taking us out of the point and loading another malicious IFRAME farm at hao8.htm?036 ( :

Scanners Result: 18/32 (56.25%) :
W32/PWStealer1!Generic; PWS:Win32/Lineage.WI.dr
File size: 24667 bytes
MD5...: 4b913be127d648373e511974351ff04e
SHA1..: 0ab703c93e3ad7c03d1aae5ea394d7db3b89bfd2

Another internal IFRAME serving exploits is also loading at, new.htm where a new piece of malware is served :

Scanners Result: 26/32 (81.25%)
Trojan-PSW.Win32.OnLineGames.ppu; Trojan.PSW.Win32.OnlineGames.GEN
File size: 7205 bytes
MD5...: af05c777700b338f428463e56f316a05
SHA1..: bd68f621ec6c9796afa8b766c6cf4167afbd4703

As it appears, everyone's a victim of web application vulnerabilities discovered automatically, and either filtered based on high-page rank, or trying to take advantage of the long-tail of SQL injected sites to compensate for the lack of vulnerable high profile sites.

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