Monday, July 07, 2008

The Risks of Outdated Situational Awareness

It's been two months since I analyzed the proprietary email and personal information harvesting tool targeting major career web sites - "Major career web sites hit by spammers attack", received comments from and, communicated all the actionable intelligence in terms of the bogus accounts used and the related IPs to the career web sites that bothered to show interest in the attack, to come across a ghost story today - Jobsite hack used to market identity harvesting services :

"A Russian gang called Phreak has created an online tool that extracts personal details from CVs posted onto sites including, AOL Jobs,,,,,,, and As a result the personal information (names, email addresses, home addresses and current employers) on hundreds of thousands of jobseakers has been placed at risk, according to net security firm PrevX."

All your CV are NOT belong to us, All your CV are ALREADY belong to us.