Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Diverse Portfolio of Fake Security Software - Part Three

One would assume that once you've managed to trick leading advertising providers into accepting your malicious flash ads inside their networks, you would do anything but hijack the end user's clipboard and rely on their curiosity in order to direct them to your fake security software site. Is the curiosity approach working anyway? Naturally, thanks to the effect of "regressive Darwinism".

Compared to February, 2008's malicious advertising (Malvertising) attack, the current one is less comprehensive and not so well thought of -- thankfully.

What these campaigns have in common is the fake security software served at the bottom line, next to the malware campaigners persistence in introducing new domains, like the very latest ones :

adware-download .com
windows-scanner2009 .com
antivirus2008free .com    
antivirusfree2008 .net
antispyware2008scanner .com
softwareantivirus2008 .com
free-2008-antivirus .com
free-2008-antivirus .net
free-antivirus-2008 .com
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free2008antivirus .com
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getas2008xp .com
software-2008-antivirus .com
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software-antivirus-2008 .com
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2008-xp-antivirus .com
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2008antivirussoftware .com
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2008antivirusxp .net
2008freeantivirus .com
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2008softwareantivirus .com
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2008xpantivirus .net
2008-antivirus-free .com
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2008-free-antivirus .com
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antivirus-free-2008 .com
antivirus-software-2008 .com

No matter how fancy malvertising is in respect to demonstrating the creativity of malicious parties wanting to appear at legitimate sites by abusing their advertising providers, there are far more efficient tactics to do so.