Monday, August 25, 2008

A Diverse Portfolio of Fake Security Software - Part Four

Thanks to the affiliate based business model that's driving the increase of fake security software and rogue codecs serving domains, the very same templates, but with different domain names, continue appearing in blackhat SEO, spam, and malicious doorways redirection campaigns.

Moreover, with the "time-to-market" of a fake security software decreasing due to the efficiency approach introduced in the form of tips for abuse-free hosting services provided by the "known suspects", and the freely available templates, we're slowly starting to see the upcoming peak of this approach.

In a true proactive spirit, the domains parked at are all upcoming fake security software, to be introduced anytime soon.

fast-pc-scanner-online .com - (;;;
top-pc-scanner .com
buy-secure-protection .com
security-scan-pc .com
pc-scanner-online .com
viruses-scanonline .com
virus-scanonline .com
antivirus-scanonline .com
topvirusscan .com
virusbestscan .com
best-security-protection .com
infectionscanner .com
virusbestscanner .com
full-protection-now .com

Pwrantivirus .com -
vav-x-scanner .com
vav-scanner .com
scanner.vavscan .com
malware-scan .com
Scanner-Pwrantivirus .com
Xpertantivirus .com
Scanner-xpertantivirus .com

spyware-quickscan-2008 .com - (
virus-quickscan-2008 .com
spyware-quickscan-2009 .com
virus-quickscan-2009 .com
winmalwarecontrol .com
antispyware-quick-scan .com
virus-quick-scan .com
antivirus-quick-scan .com
winprivacytool .com

topantispyware2008 .com - (
cleanermaster .com - (
antivirus777 .com - (
pcsecuritynotice .com - (

Whereas the average Internet users are falling victims into this type of fraud, what I'm more concerned about is the large traffic the malicious domains receive in general due to all the different traffic acquisition tactics the people behind them apply. This anticipated traffic can then be greatly used as valuable metrics for the many other malicious ways in which it can be monetized.

Ironically, the participant in the affiliate program whose original objective was to drive traffic to the fake security software's site, may in fact start receiving so much traffic due to the combination of traffic acquisition tactics, that introducing client-side exploits courtesy of a third-party affiliate network, may in fact prove more profitable then the revenue sharing partnership with the rogue security software's vendor at the first place.

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