Monday, February 02, 2009

The Template-ization of Malware Serving Sites - Part Two

The growing use of "visual social engineering" in the form of legitimately looking codecs, flash player error screens, adult web sites, and YouTube windows in order to forward the infection process to the end use himself, is the direct result of the ongoing template-ization of malware serving sites. This standardizing is all about achieving efficiency, in this case, coming up with high-quality and legitimately looking templates impersonating the average Internet user by enjoying the clean reputation of the impersonated service in question.

The attached screenshot of  very latest DIY windows media player with pretty straightforward instructions on how to modify the timing of the "missing codec" pop-up, is a great example of how cybercriminals rarely value the intellectual property of their fellow colleagues. The DIY template has in fact been ripped-off from a competing affiliate network participant (currently active xxxporn-tube .com/123/2/FFFFFF/3127/TestCodec/Best), its images hosted at ImageShack, and the codec released for everyone in the ecosystem to use -- and so they will.

Interestingly, within the mirrored copy now tweaked and distributed for free using free image hosting services as infrastructure provider for the layout, there are also leftovers from the original campaign template that they mirrored - which ultimately leads us to DATORU EXPRESS SERVISS Ltd (AS12553 PCEXPRESS-AS) or In the wake of UkrTeleGroup Ltd's demise -- don't pop the corks just yet since the revenues they've been generating for the past several years will make it much less painful -- a significant number of UkrTeleGroup customer, of course under domains, have been generating quite some malicious activity at for a while.

Portfolio of fake codecs serving domains parked at the original mirrored domain's IP :
xxxporn-tube .com (
uporntube-07 .com
tubeporn08 .com
porn-tube09 .com
tubeporn09 .com
xxxporn-tube .com
allsoft-free .com
all-softfree .com
lsoftfree .com
porntubenew .com

Download locations :
brakeextra .com/download/FlashPlayer.v..exe (
brakeextra .com/download/TestCodec.v.3.127.exe

Entire portfolio of domains parked at ( :
brakeextra .com 
thebestporndump2 .com
fire-extra .com
xp-extra .com
delfiextra .com
qazextra .com
track-end .com
fire-movie .com
extrabrake .com
crack-serial-keygen-online .com
extra-turbo .com
extra-nitro .com
apple-player .com
meggauploads .com
soft-free-updates .com
quicktimesoft .com
cleanmovie .net
nitromovie .net
trackgame .net
quotre .net
rexato .net
spacekeys .net

Dots, dots dots, trackgame .net is once again proving the multitasking mentality of cybercriminals these days - it's one of the download locations participating in the recent Google Video search queries poisoning attacks.