Monday, May 16, 2016

Mobile Malware Hits Google Play, Hundreds of Users Affected

We've, recently, intercepted, yet, another, malicious, campaign, utilizing, Google Play, for, the, purpose, of, serving, malicious, software, to, unsuspecting, users.

In this, post, we'll profile, the campaign, provide, malicious MD5s, expose, the, infrastructure, behind, it, and, discuss, in-depth, the, tactics, techniques, and, procedures, of, the cybercriminals, behind, it.

Malicious MD5s known to have participated in the campaign:
MD5: 3e57ef2802977c3c852a94bab131c84b

Known C&C servers, part, of, the, campaign:
hxxp:// -
hxxp:// -

Once executed, the, sample, phones, back, to, the, following, C&C server:
hxxp:// -

Known to have phoned back to the same malicious C&C server IP (, are, also, the, following, malicious, MD5s:
MD5: c1b3912711dceab2cfb86f920eb69919

Once executed, a, sample, malware, phones, back, to, the, following C&C servers:
hxxp:// (;;

Known malicious MD5s, known, to, have, phoned, back, to, the, same C&C server IP (
MD5: 7453f9445512e48357d91491b0e32134
MD5: 138c9475d4dc80185d4d3dd612c89d50
MD5: 2be0a8f626430d6c3c9588b55253ef95

We'll continue monitoring the campaign, and, post, updates, as, soon, as, new, developments, take, place.