Sunday, August 28, 2016

Managed Hacked PCs as a Service Type of Cybercrime-friendly service Spotted in the Wild

With the cybercrime ecosystem, persistently, supplying, new, malware, releases, cybercriminals continue occupying multiple market segments, within, the, cybercrime, ecosystem, generating, tens, of, thousands, of fraudulent revenue, in, the, process, potentially, empowering, new market entrants, with, the, necessary, tools, and, know-how, to, continue, launching, related, malicious, attacks, potentially, generating, tens, of, thousands, of fraudulent, revenue, in, the, process, while, targeting, users, internationally.

In this, post, we'll profile a newly, launched, managed hacked PCs, as, a, service, type, of cybercrime-friendly, service, and, discuss, in, depth, the, tactics, techniques, and, procedures, of, the, cybercriminals, behind it.

Next to the overall availability of malware infected hosts empowering novice cybercriminals with the necessary tools and know, to, conduct, related, malicious attacks, cybercriminals, often, rely, on basic, market segmentation, approaches, further, taking, advantage, of the, affected, users, to, launch, related, managed cybercrime-friendly, type, of, managed, services.

The service is currently offering access to malware-infected hosts, in, the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Poland, further, empowering, novice, cybercriminals, with, the, necessary, tools, and, know-how, to, continue, launching, related, malicious attacks.

We'll continue monitoring, the, market, segment, for, hacked PCs, and, post, updates, as, soon, as, new developments, take, place.

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