Saturday, October 13, 2007

Managed Spamming Appliances - The Future of Spam

What's the future of spam? Spammers breaking CAPTCHAs of legitimate email providers and take advantage of their clean IP reputation to send out their junk, or spammers cooperating with botnet masters supplying newly infected hosts? Try outsourcing as a concept by renting a "managed spamming appliance" like the ones advertised as of recently.

This is an automatically translated excerpt from a recent proposition for a newly developed spam system that comes in the form of hardware with embedded botnet, just consider the idea for a second before reading and you'll get the point :

Among spammers very agreement that spam has become a profitable and die their last months, years. And it is understandable: profit fell, suppliers downloads expensive prices almost to the size of profits, a dozen well-known and had a good year or two ago turnover spammers departed from the market, so even monsters flow of spam once died theme ran in the stream than definitive did the topic boring.

I am pleased to present to you the technology that will make your distribution more efficient and voskresit characteristic of the spam profits.

Our software allows you spamit in such quantities that letter competitors simply lost among your. Also you get tools to control the delivery of letters and inboks spam those domains that are not being held by any other spam.

We have reached the maximum speed possible with the distribution of each bot and defended it against possible anti-virus and firewalls. In doing so, your botnety invincible. Interesting? And now in more detail.

Overall software works like any other botmeyler. Botnet controlled part of a server, it created letters and mailing bases loaded. Botha knocking over the job to a server, get a piece base, and a letter vdohnovlenno spamyat until the turn will come next door for the job.

Each server keeps 2500 + online bots, and the maximum speed reaches 7000 mailing letters per second, is the highest speed of all current market spam systems. Of course, the speed depends largely on the quantity and quality of downloads, quality and type of database (country, large domains, etc). 2500 online for you too little? No problem. Berit 2, 5, 10 servers, as long as you want.

In our system, there is every possible means to randomise from any randomise texts finishing randomnyh generate images on the fly or finished morphing images, as well as the ability to create their own makro-skripty. You can independently create and edit headers (if there is time to do so, fresh headlines you will download our spam-inzhenery).

You can do so zarandomlennye letter, as far themselves want. After randomization letter, you can immediately check finished look and see the results of the verification Spam Assasin ohm.

For specific newsletters (probiv major domains, etc), there is a possibility in detail settings bots (different types of reactions to the texts of error codes and mail servers). You can customize the system to thin to work with certain domains to improve the quality and speed of spam to these domains, identifying the individual parameters for each domain (how many letters it takes for a session timeouts, own blacklist bots, enter special codes for SMTP session for given domain, etc.)

To avoid zamorachivatsya processing bases on a separate server, all options included in the processing software. Among them: removal from the database of addresses abuzerov, splitting bases on the large and normal domains merger bases subtraction bases and checking for uniqueness.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can use the services tehpodderzhki and complex issues of sending spam to discuss with our engineers. In addition, you can order the service "personal manager" who will help draw up a letter to monitor the continuous distribution, will help choose the supplier of downloads and decide on the overall strategy for working with partnerkami. The main advantages :

1. The speed and delivery. Average up-to medium-speed downloads of 1.5 letters per second from one spamyaschego bots, 2 to bots spamyat at speeds of 3000 letters per second, equal to 10 leading to millions of messages delivered per hour. This average figures for good loading each bot could spamit up to 3.5 letters per second.

2. The persistence of bots. Botha bypass all the latest version of anti-virus and faervollov, including the latest version of Zone Alarm, Outpost, Kaspersky, and the bot rigidly set in the system so that they are impossible to remove, even in safe mode. All innovation and refinement, we test drivers bots not only stands the test on different versions of the OS, but also on actual downloads from various suppliers. Cleaning loadera happens every day.

3. Convenience work, and further opportunities for constant refinement. We make the process convenient and efficient spam, the whole routine in the most automated, the time our customers spend at statov refresh. However, if you or your staff would like to have enough knowledge to extract the maximum from their bots and bases, you have a beautiful high-tech istrument it may izmennie any settings.

4. Business centers, skilled technical support. Complex program complex, which is fully explored - unique challenge, our support team will help you in any questions and solve any problems.

5. Flexible pricing policy. Our command is spam many years in different directions, and our customers are top-sellerami many partnerships programs we are familiar with the process of naslyshke not spam. With this experience and knowledge, we do your business more stable and profitable. Our tariff plans:

1-2 servers - $ 4000 per server
3-5 servers - $ 3000 per server

Let's summarize the key points :

- a "spamming appliance" comes with 2500+ zombie bots, capable of sending 7000 emails per second
- built-in verification for detection against common spam scoring systems
- managed anti virus bypassing capabilities and signatures based detection
- technical support

What's next to come? Possibly a USB stick with built-in C&C to a botnet with full admin rights.

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