Thursday, May 15, 2008

DIY Phishing Kits Introducing New Features

Factual evidence on the emergence of individual phishing kits is starting to appear, with two more available in the wild. So what? For the time being, the lack of communication between the authors of these, or perhaps even the need to is slowing down the adoption of core features that would standardize and create a dynamic all in one phishing campaign C&C.

In the long term, however, features and customizations already adopted by ethical phishing initiatives, would become the default set of features for public, and not the proprietary kits that theoretically should act as the benchmark. As in a previous discussion on the dynamics of the malware industry and the proprietary tools within, lowering the entry barriers into phishing by releasing this applications for free, greatly benefits the more experienced phishers, as the novice market entrants would be the ones making the headlines :

"The DIY phishing kits trend started emerging around August, 2007, with the distribution of a simple kit (screenshots included), whose objective was to make it easy for a phisher already possessing the phishing page, to enter a URL where all the data would be forwarded to. Several months later, the kit went 2.0 (screenshots included) and introduced new preview, and image grabber features in order to make it easier for the phisher to obtain the images to be used in the attack. In early 2008, two more phishing kits made it in the wild, with the first once having direct FTP upload capabilities as well DIY Phishing Kit as automated updating of the latest phishing page, and the second one taking advantage of plugins under a .phish file extension."

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