Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spamvertised United Parcel Service notifications serve malware

A currently ongoing spam campaign is impersonating UPS for malware-serving purposes.

Sample subject: United Parcel Service notification
Sample attachments: UPSnotify.rar; UPSnotify.exe; UnitedParcelServicedocument.exe
Sample message: Dear customer.

The parcel was sent your home address. And it will arrive within 7 business day. More information and the tracking number are attached in document below. Thank you. © 1994-2011 United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

Detection rates:

UnitedParcelServicedocument.exe - Mal/Bredo-K - Result: 7/ 41 (17.1%)
MD5   : b60e95b42106989bc39e175efcc031db
SHA1  : 0fb63dff83db643c9ee42efe617bdd539a5ffb8f
SHA256: 65f14438c3154a74767131a427fbdc50c28a6cbcdcf47f3d418b92c4c168696a

UPS notify.exe - Mal/Bredo-K - Result: 17/ 40 (42.5%)
MD5   : cc040e69121bc19f23ef4a32dbb8a80e
SHA1  : da65b7b277540b88918076949a28e8307ad7e41a
SHA256: ef5f76e1b20c2083469fbe7e4de4ec9c06689ee105274b1a79c9cadbd23d54ae

Upon execution downloads additional binaries from:

Responding to are - Email:  and - Email:

Detection rates:
lol2.exe - Trojan.FakeAV!gen39- Result: 14/ 43 (32.6%)
MD5   : 747431a2a4a29f1bfc136e674af99ad0
SHA1  : 8349fc3f5f299d0ca6473e748276ec2b50019330
SHA256: 6009e7f5cbc55e6acb060d9fb33a39a978168a32a0a8c6a24f201106056cc0db

pod.exe - Backdoor.Win32.Gbot!IK - Result: 33/ 42 (78.6%)
MD5   : f403afdbe4c4c859c8ab018a7ded694c
SHA1  : 1915a46cbb43fcaf8da90af95856d7524b24f129
SHA256: eddfff99df316669191be0b61a5ae06ee811bbd27110111e69cbd212881fa494

Upon execution phones back to: - - Email: - Email: - - Email:

spm.exe - W32.Pilleuz - 10/ 42 (23.8%)
MD5   : de55498b9f9195f1733df62c7026cf5f
SHA1  : 5520c1220cdd03a64f9b782c2393697ebab154b9
SHA256: dc2a797e5be968f9d36d4510988fa242c042a3e315fb50a3f9325cae6a1d779d

Upon execution phones back to: - - Email: -;; - Email:

As speculated, cybercriminals have started feeding legitimate sites into their C&C communication patterns in an attempt to undermine community efforts aimed at tracking their malicious activities.

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