Thursday, January 09, 2014

Dissecting the Ongoing Febipos/Carfekab Rogue Chrome/Firefox Extensions Dropping, Facebook Circulating Malicious Campaign

And, (not surprisingly) they're back! The cybercriminal(s) behind the 1 million+ clicks strong Febipos/Carfekab rogue Chrome/Firefox extensions dropping malicious campaign, continue utilizing the already infected 'population' for the purpose of disseminating the newly packed/modified extensions/samples across Facebook, with yet another campaign that I'll dissect in this post.

Catch up with previous research dissecting the previous campaigns:

Redirection chain: hxxp:// ( -> hxxp:// ( -> hxxp:// -> hxxp:// -> hxxp:// ->
hxxp:// -> hxxp:// (

First GA Account ID: UA-23441223-3
Second GA Account ID: UA-25941572-1

Actual malicious content hosting locations (legitimate infrastructure again):

Detection rates for the served rogue Chrome/Firefox extensions:
MD5: 0ee44443c73bd9b072c7f1dbb6b7b591
MD5: c4953f63ab46c796e23388f9c1cfa273
MD5: 5bcec283594e863f5dd238e2d22446c7

Once executed, MD5: 5bcec283594e863f5dd238e2d22446c7 drops MD5: deb483270b9ed5da7fcf1d01a6fde8a7 and MD5: 90b77a477d815c771559d08ea80cc0c8 it then phones back to

Related malicious MD5s known to have phoned back to the same IP:
MD5: 33408f35623dc5bb4a3bde09fa45f86b
MD5: 56a54a700ae5700c3cd3da9c2ad226cf
MD5: f86812305039156b1da8fc29bdddebb7
MD5: ede8f20d78a81c7da76ad7def37ebbdd

Updates will be posted as soon as new developments take place.