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Dancho Danchev's Blog - Open Call for Blog Contributors and Guest Bloggers

UPDATE: Do you know which is one of the World's most popular Security blogs and who's running it? Guess what - you've been reading it all along. Ever since I started this blog in December, 2005 for the purpose of impressing my girlfriend and greatly inspired by a successful venture with Astalavista Security Group circa 2003-2006 I've received over 5M page views courtesy of a loyal base of users to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for keeping track of my research and following my comments - in real-time. The time has come to expand and eventually launch a new set of products and services including a possible Advertising Inventory - therefore I've decided to launch an Open Call for Blog Contributors including Guest Bloggers. Interested in writing at this blog? Feel free to approach me - disruptive.individuals@gmail.com

Dancho Danchev's Blog - Major Security Web Property Statistics:

Dear blog readers, friends, partners, colleagues, Security Industry friends and partners including U.S Intelligence Community and U.S and International Law Enforcement friends and partners - it's been a decade since I originally decided to launch this blog positioning it as a top Security and Threat Intelligence including Cybercrime Research Major Web Property attracting thousands of high-profile and loyal users throughout the decade to whom I owe a great deal of personal thanks and admiration for following me and supporting my research and personal opinion throughout the years including the active spreading of high-quality and never-published before OSINT analysis cybercrime and threat intelligence gathering type of technical analysis.

In the spirit of offering high-quality research and malicious and fraudulent campaign analysis including the expansion of my personal blog to include a diverse set of new areas including a possible Advertising Inventory to offer to selected and invite-only vendors and organizations - I've decided to make an Open Call for Blog Contributors and Guest Bloggers with the idea to keep the spirit of my 2008-2013 series of analysis where I was busy dominating the news with new attack vectors and attacks techniques including the profiling and tracking down of new malware and cybercrime groups.

Interested in writing at this blog? Do you have a lot to say in the area of cybercrime research and Threat Intelligence including Privacy Anonymity and malicious software including botnets? Keep reading.

Who's Welcome to Approach me?
  • Academic Institutions looking for ways to properly promote their research and content by offering a selected individuals who'd be responsible for offering an in-depth never published before perspective on the Institution's cybercrime and malicious software research perspective
  • Threat Intelligence Vendors looking for ways to approach a new set of loyal user base and to promote their research products and services by appointing a selected individual who would be interested in communicating Key Vendor findings on a daily basis
  • Independent Freelancers looking to reach out to a loyal user base and receive the necessary expose in terms of having their article read by thousands of loyal and selected users on a daily basis
  • Friends and Colleagues with whom I've worked in the past or with who I continue to work nowadays who might be interested in making a valuable contributing to this high-quality Web property publication
Interested in writing at this blog? Do you want to make a valuable contribution? Feel free to approach me disruptive.individuals@gmail.com and I'll get back to you with proper access as soon as possible.
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