Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Embassy of Portugal in India Serving Malware

Yet another embassy web site is falling victim into a malware attack serving Adobe exploits to its visitors. As of last Friday, the official web site of the Embassy of Portugal in India has been compromised ( Who's behind the attack? Interestingly, that's the very same group that compromised the Azerbaijanian Embassies in Pakistan and Hungary earlier this month. Assessing this campaign once again establishes a direct connection with the Rusian Business Network's pre-shutdown netblocks and static locations.

The very same domain using the same web traffic redirection script,  used in the malware campaigns at the Azerbaijanian Embassies in Pakistan and Hungary, can be found at the Portugal embassy's web site. betstarwager .cn/in.cgi?cocacola84 redirects to ghrgt.hostindianet .com/index.php?cocacola84 ( where Multiple Adobe Reader and Acrobat buffer overflows are served :

zzzz.hostindianet .com/load.php?id=4 -> ghrgt.hostindianet .com/cache/readme.pdf
zzzz.hostindianet .com/load.php?id=5 -> ghrgt.hostindianet .com/cache/flash.swf

The second iFramed domain ntkrnlpa .cn/rc/ ( has a juicy history linking it to previous campaigns. In February, 2008, an anti-malware vendor's site (AvSoft Technologie) was iFramed with the iFrame back then (ntkrnlpa .info/rc/?i=1) pointing to the Russian Business Network's original netblock It gets even more interesting when you take into consideration the fact that was also sharing ifrastructure with, among the most widely abused domains in the recent Google Trends keywords hijacking campaigns. is also service of choice for certain campaigns of the Virut malware family, in particular.

It gets even more malicious considering that on the same IP (ntkrnlpa .cn/rc/ where one of the malware domains in the embassy's campaign is parked, we can easily spot domains (baidu-baiduxin3 .cn for instance) that were participating in last year's IE7 massive zero day exploit serving campaign.  Moreover, in a typical multitasking stage, the cybercriminals behind the campaign are also hosting Zeus crimeware campaigns on it.

A reincarnation of a well known RBN domain, confirmed participation at related compromises of embassy web sites by the same group, sharing ifrastructure with domains from a massive IE7 ex-zero day attack and hosting Zeus crimeware command and control locations -underground multitasking at its best.

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