Thursday, September 20, 2018

Introducing Threat Data - The World's Most Comprehensive Threats Database

Dear blog readers, I wanted to take the time and effort and introduce you to Threat Data - the World's Most Comprehensive Threats Database, a proprietary invite-only MISP-based data information and knowledge sharing community managed and operated by me which basically represents the vast majority of proprietary threat intelligence research that I produce on a daily basis these days.

Users and organizations familiar with my research may be definitely interested in considering the opportunity to obtain access to Threat Data including a possible sample including a possible trial of the service.

Find below a sample FAQ about Threat Data and consider obtaining access to ensure that you and your organization remains on the top of its game including ahead of current and emerging threats.

01. How to request access including a possible trial including API access?
Approach me at

02. How do obtain automated access?
The database is delivered daily/weekly/quarterly in MISP-friendly JSON-capable format including STIX coverage.

03. How to request a sample?
Users interested in requesting a sample can approach me at and I'd be more than happy to offer a recent threat intelligence research snapshot.

04. Tell me more about the pricing options?
Monthly subscriptions covering daily weekly and monthly updates start at $4,000 including guaranteed access to 24-32 analysis on a daily basis including active in-house all-source analysis guaranteeing that your organization remains on the top of its game by possessing the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging threats.

05. What does the database cover?
- Russian Business Network coverage
- Koobface Botnet coverage
- Kneber Botnet coverage
- Hundreds of IOCs (Indicators of Compromise)
- Tactics Techniques and Procedures In-Depth Coverage
- Malicious and fraudulent infrastructure mapped and exposed
- Malicious and fraudulent Blackhat SEO coverage
- Malicious spam and phishing campaigns
- Malicious and fraudulent scareware campaigns
- Malicious and fraudulent money mule recruitment scams
- Malicious and fraudulent reshipping mule recruitment scams
- Web based mass attack compromise fraudulent and malicious campaigns
- Malicious and fraudulent client-side exploits serving campaigns

The database also offers active malverising, scareware, rogueware, malware, phishing, spam, IM malware, mobile malware, mac OS X malware, android malware, blackhat SEO, money mule recruitment, reshipping mule recruitment, including ransomware coverage.

06. How often does it update?
Updates as issued on a daily weekly monthly basis guaranteeing unlimited access to in-house analysis all-source analysis guaranteeing access to daily weekly and monthly updates.