Friday, March 22, 2019

Announcing Offensive Warfare 2.0 - Official Hacking and Security Community Launch

Dear blog readers, I wanted to let everyone know that I've recently launched a public hacking and cyber security community repository offering Security Directory Downloads Podcasts and Security Videos directory including a countless number of hacking and security resources including a possible hacking and security discussion including community-based services and products - to keep the spirit of the Scene and the Security Industry - the way we know it.

How to obtain access?
- consider approaching me at for the purpose of requesting an invite

How you can contribute?
- feel free to approach your colleagues and friends including social network in terms of spreading the word about the portal and the community
- consider registering making an introduction and starting to contribute with content
- approach me directly at - with your questions and possible feature and content suggestion

Looking forward to receiving your response including any additional questions or comments including suggestions that you might have in terms of the project.

Stay tuned!