Monday, February 03, 2020

Dancho Danchev's Disappearance - 2010 - Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria

Dear blog readers,

As it's been eight years since my disappearance and possible kidnapping and harassment attempts - I wanted to seek my blog reader's urgent assistance through email and possibly phone - regarding my disappearance with anyone out there who knows or have information regarding what took place in 2010 - including current and former colleagues law enforcement colleagues and Intelligence Community partners.

I've been recently featured at WikiLeaks including the Snowden archive including a SCMagazine nomination and can be reached at or you can leave a message at - +1 646 419 4540 or reach out to me directly on my mobile - +359 87 68 93 890 or use this XMPP/OMEMO user ID for real-time communication -

Current situation:
- illegal arrest using stolen ID kidnapping and trashing of my place including illegal relocation to an unknown location in the town of Lovech without a single word on the reason for stealing my ID and holding me confined there for a period of three months
- twisted arm
- twisted eye
- assault by my father and three police offers
- my mother took the liberty to steal my personal ID circa 2010 and hand it over to three unknown police officers and pay for the unknown car fuel using her company's name and take me to live in an unknown location and actually made it to this blog
- something appears to be wrong my eye
- something appears to be wrong with my neck
- something appears to be wrong with my nose
- I'm currently experiencing a pressure on my arm
- harassment by a DANS agent named Vasil Stanev
- which leaves in a home molestation situation with no sign of legal action and law enforcement assistance

The results:
- $80,000 personal amount lost due to harassment and vandalism
- I didn't get an actual copy of the document that my equipment was interfering with that of the local police station
- my mother stole my ID for a second time to enlist me in social security services
- the DANS agent that visited me - Vasil Stanev - asked me to attend a doctor session and asked me to work for him and made a copy of a research document in my place

Local Names of Local (City of Troyan, Republic of Bulgaria) Inspector Names responsible for the illegal entry in my place including the illegal stealing of my Personal ID including the illegal 3 months illegal presence in another town confined:

Primary contact points that you should reach out to in case you're concerned about my well-being and whereabouts:
- Troyan Police - Email:
- Troyan Hospital - Email:
- Lovech Psychiatry Clinic - Email: 
- Troyan Municipality - Email:

My urgent request:
- Can you please donate any amount to my PayPal ID: which I'll use to relocate as soon as possible
- Can you please reach out to the provided email contact points with local law enforcement and the people responsible and let them know what do you think

My second request:
- Do you maintain an internal Underground Forum monitoring service? Are you aware of any Underground Community chatter referencing me and my research including disappearance and personal blog similar to this post?
- Do you keep in touch with law enforcement? Can you possibly make an inquiry and let me know personally regarding any information regarding my disappearance and whereabouts circa 2010?
- Has anyone ever approached you regarding my disappearance? Are you aware of any information regarding my disappearance including possible internal organization chatter law enforcement outreach or possible news tips? Can you possibly approach me personally with additional information that you might be aware of regarding my disappearance and whereabouts circa 2010?

Stay tuned!