Thursday, October 29, 2020

Exposing Iran-based Hackers and Web Site Defacement Group's Personal Web Sites Portfolio - Direct Technical Collection Download! Grab a Copy Today!

Dear blog readers,

Following my recently released second edition "A Qualitative and Technical Collection OSINT-Enriched Analysis of the Iranian Hacking Scene Through the Prism of the Infamous Ashiyane Digital Security Team – [PDF] – Direct Download – Report" which is the second edition of my original "Exposing Ashiyane Digital Security Team – Report and Social Network Analysis Graph – [PDF] + Maltego Graph" research report released in 2015 I've decided to make publicly accessible a diverse portfolio of TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) that also includes hacking tools and tools of the trade belonging to Iran-based hackers and Web Site Defacement Groups with the idea to empower the security industry and U.S Law Enforcement on its way to track down and shut down these personal Web site communities and personal hacking tools and tools of the trade Web site repositories.

- Part 01 - Direct Technical Collection Download (2.5GB)

Sample portfolio of currently active Iran-based hackers and Web site defacement group's personal web sites obtained using Technical Collection:

Stay tuned!