Monday, January 27, 2020

New Report - "A Qualitative and Technical Collection OSINT-Enriched Analysis of the Iranian Hacking Scene Through the Prism of the Infamous Ashiyane Digital Security Team" - Grab a Copy Today!

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It's a pleasure and an honor to let you know of a recently released commercially available report on Iran's Hacking Scene entitled - "A Qualitative and Technical Collection OSINT-Enriched Analysis of the Iranian Hacking Scene Through the Prism of the Infamous Ashiyane Digital Security Team" which is priced at $500 for unlimited distribution copies within your Team and Organization and can obtained from here.

An excerpt:

"In a cybercrime ecosystem dominated by fraudulent releases and nation-state actors including possible high-profile “sock-puppets” and cyber proxies type of rogue and potentially superficially engineered cyber warfare tensions it should be clearly noted that a modern OSINT and virtual HUMINT actionable threat intelligence analysis of major and prominent cyber actors should take place for the purpose of setting up the foundations for a successful cyber actor monitoring including possible offensive and couter-offensive tactics techniques and procedures for the purpose of profiling and acting upon the gathered and monitored intelligence should take place through the automated and systematic Technical Collection and OSINT enrichment of the gathered data for the purpose of empowering the necessary decision-makers and third-parties with the necessary data information and knowledge including hands-on tactical and strategic intelligence to work with and act upon."

Another excerpt:

"In this report I'll provide in-depth analysis of the Iranian Hacking Scene and potentially its use of offensive and defensive cyber warfare practices including possible capability measurement and estimation in terms of technical capabilities and offer in-depth technical and qualitative analysis of some of the key factors that actually drive the Iranian Hacking Scene including in-depth Technical Collection material and OSINT gathered artifacts to assist in the process of acting upon the growing threat posed by Iranian Hackers and the Ashiyane Digital Security Team internationally with the idea to empower decision-makers and the Industry including third-party stakeholders with the necessary analysis to act upon and take measures against in terms of offensive and defensive cyber warfare operations and actual Law Enforcement tracking down and prosecution including never-published and released before personally identifiable information on the Ashiyane Digital Security Team including its key members including a never-published before Social Network Analysis Graph of Iran's Hacking Scene and Iran's Hacking Underground."

Interested in obtaining a copy? Approach me at today and inquire about purchasing it and I'll shortly get back to you with additional details on how to obtain copy of the report.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

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Surprise, surprise. After a decent period of time while I was busy working on several high-profile personal projects I can finally let everyone know that I've just joined forces with team the original owner of the infamous search engine for cracks and serials and that I've launched a high-profile blog on the domain including several high profile upcoming Hacking Security and Privacy projects.

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