Summarizing Webroot's Threat Blog Posts for March

April 09, 2012
The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at Webroot's Threat Blog for March, 2012. You can subscribe to my Webroot's Threat Blog RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter:

01. New service converts malware-infected hosts into anonymization proxies
02. Spamvertised ‘Temporary Limit Access To Your Account’ emails lead to Citi phishing emails
03. A peek inside the Darkness (Optima) DDoS Bot
04. Research: proper screening could have prevented 67% of abusive domain registrations
05. Spamvertised ‘Your accountant license can be revoked’ emails lead to client-side exploits and malware
06. Spamvertised ‘Google Pharmacy’ themed emails lead to pharmaceutical scams
07. Research: U.S accounts for 72% of fraudulent pharmaceutical orders
08. Millions of harvested U.S government and U.S military email addresses offered for sale
09. Spamvertised ‘Your tax return appeal is declined’ emails serving client-side exploits and malware
10. Malicious USPS-themed emails circulating in the wild
11. Spamvertised LinkedIn notifications serving client-side exploits and malware
12. Tens of thousands of web sites affected in ongoing mass SQL injection attack
13. Spamvertised Verizon-themed ‘Your Bill Is Now Available’ emails lead to ZeuS crimeware
14. Spamvertised ‘Scan from a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet’ emails lead to client-side exploits and malware

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