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Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Dancho Danchev - Underground Forum Chatter - Disappearance- 2010

Summarizing 3 Years of Research Into Cyber Jihad

Saturday, September 11, 2010

From the "been there, actively researched that" department.
  1. Tracking Down Internet Terrorist Propaganda
  2. Arabic Extremist Group Forum Messages' Characteristics
  3. Cyber Terrorism Communications and Propaganda
  4. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyber Terrorism
  5. Current State of Internet Jihad
  6. Analysis of the Technical Mujahid - Issue One
  7. Full List of Hezbollah's Internet Sites
  8. Steganography and Cyber Terrorism Communications
  9. Hezbollah's DNS Service Providers from 1998 to 2006
  10. Mujahideen Secrets Encryption Tool
  11. Analyses of Cyber Jihadist Forums and Blogs
  12. Cyber Traps for Wannabe Jihadists
  13. Inshallahshaheed - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
  14. GIMF Switching Blogs
  15. GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down
  16. GIMF - "We Will Remain"
  17. Wisdom of the Anti Cyber Jihadist Crowd
  18. Cyber Jihadist Blogs Switching Locations Again
  19. Electronic Jihad v3.0 - What Cyber Jihad Isn't
  20. Electronic Jihad's Targets List
  21. Teaching Cyber Jihadists How to Hack
  22. A Botnet of Infected Terrorists?
  23. Infecting Terrorist Suspects with Malware
  24. The Dark Web and Cyber Jihad
  25. Cyber Jihadist Hacking Teams
  26. Two Cyber Jihadist Blogs Now Offline
  27. Characteristics of Islamist Websites
  28. Cyber Traps for Wannabe Jihadists
  29. Mujahideen Secrets Encryption Tool
  30. An Analysis of the Technical Mujahid - Issue Two
  31. Terrorist Groups' Brand Identities
  32. A List of Terrorists' Blogs
  33. Jihadists' Anonymous Internet Surfing Preferences
  34. Sampling Jihadists' IPs
  35. Cyber Jihadists' and TOR
  36. A Cyber Jihadist DoS Tool
  37. GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down
  38. Mujahideen Secrets 2 Encryption Tool Released
  39. Terror on the Internet - Conflict of Interest
This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Historical OSINT: Celebrities Death, Fedex Invoices, Office-Themed Malware Campaigns

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

As promised, this would be a pretty short historical OSINT post -- catching up is in progress -- detailing the structure of several campaigns that took place throughout July-August, 2010, and (as always) try to emphasize on the connection with historical malware campaigns profiled on my personal blog.

Campaigns of notice include: spamvertised "Celebrities death-themed emails", "Fedex shipment status themed invoices", and "Office-themed documents".

Sample subjects:
Angelina Jolie died; Gwen Stefani died; Oprah Winfrey died; Tom Cruise died; Application; Thursday Journal Club; End Of Rotation; Abstracts; Project Declaration; Residency Happy Hour: SOP_POLICIES; Fwd: Updated Journal Club Handout

Sample attachments:
journal club articles.zip; Rotation Input Sheet.zip; ppi and c dif.zip; MSpeck.zip; ResidencyPrep.zip; speck Case presentation draft.zip; journal club template.zip

Detection rates, phone back URLs, and connections with previously profiled campaigns:
- news.exe - Trojan.Bredolab-993 - 40/ 43 (93.0%)
MD5: 44522def7cf2a42aa26f59c2ac4ced58
SHA1: 2f60531b6e33d842eba505f3c3cb81a3ff6e3e6a

- journal club articles.exe - Backdoor/Bredolab.edb - 41/ 43 (95.3%)
MD5: 72e90fd1264e731109d1b6b977b2c744
SHA1: 0a36b882d1b4d8b42cc466ec286e95bbb2e77d49

Upon execution, the samples phone back to: /mrmun_sgjlgdsjrthrtwg.exe - AS42473 - DOWN /outlook.exe - AS48691 - ACTIVE

- outlook.exe - TrojanSpy:Win32/Fitmu.A - 17/ 43 (39.5%)
MD5: 8f4eca49b87e36daae14b8549071dece
SHA1: 1d390e9f8d6e744ead58dd6c424581419f732498

Upon execution, the dropped sample phones back to:
cuscuss.com - - Email: info@blackry.com

Responding to at AS42473 are also:
wiggete.com - Email: info@blackry.com
depenam.com - Email: info@blackry.com
fishum.com - Email: info@blackry.com
blackry.com - Email: info@blackry.com

Two of the domains are know to have been serving client-side exploits, but the redirection is currently returning an error "Connect to on port 80 ... failed".

- depenam .com/count22.php
- blackry .com/count21.php
    - vseohuenno .com/trans/b3/ - - Email: latertrans@gmail.com

Responding to, AS24940 are also the following command and control, client-side exploit serving domains:
gurgamer.com - (New IP: Email: latertrans@gmail.com
moneybeerers.com - Email: latertrans@gmail.com
daeshnew.com - (New IP: Email: latertrans@gmail.com
volosatyhren.com - Email: latertrans@gmail.com
vyebyvglaz.com - Email: latertrans@gmail.com

- FedexInvoice_EE776129.exe - Win32/Oficla.LK - 41/ 43 (95.3%)
MD5: d4e2875127f5cbdf797de7f1417f96a7
SHA1: c2df8d8c178142ba7bee48dbf9a9f68c32a14f5e

Upon execution, the sample phones back to:
ilovelasvegas .ru/web/St/bb.php?v=200&id=636608811&b=24augNEW&tm= -, AS39150 - Email: vadim.rinatovich@yandex.ru with x5vsm5.ru - Email: vadim.rinatovich@yandex.ru also parked there.

Where do we know the vadim.rinatovich@yandex.ru email from? From two previously profiled campaigns "Spamvertised iTunes Gift Certificates and CV Themed Malware Campaigns"; and "Dissecting the Xerox WorkCentre Pro Scanned Document Themed Campaign" having a direct relationship with the Asprox botnet.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Dissecting a Scareware-Serving Black Hat SEO Campaign Using Compromised .NL/.CH Sites

Friday, August 13, 2010

Over the past week, I've been tracking -- among the countless number of campaigns currently in process of getting profiled/taken care of internally -- a blackhat SEO campaign that's persistently compromising legitimate sites within small ISPs in the Netherlands and Switzerland, for scareware-serving purposes.

Although this beneath the radar targeting approach is nothing new, it once again emphasizes on a well proven mentality within the cybercrime ecosystem - collectively the hundreds of thousands of low profile sites, if well poisoned with bogus/timely/relevant blackhat SEO content, can outpace the hijacked traffic from a high profile site due to the shorter time frame it would take for the the administrators to clean it up/ quicker community members' reaction based on prioritization due to the importance of the site.

What's particularly interesting about the campaign, is the fact that the redirectors/scareware domains were previously parked within our "dear friends at AS31252, STARNET-AS StarNet Moldova. Go through related posts on STARNET-AS StarNet Moldova:
Let's dissect the campaign, expose the complete portfolio of scareware/redirector domains, emphasize on the monetization vector and how this blackhat SEO campaign is using the same scareware affiliate network like the one campaigns launched through Gumblar's infrastructure (Spamvertised Best Buy, Macy's, Evite and Target Themed Scareware/Exploits Serving Campaign) continue using.

Once the self.location.href = condition is met, the following redirectors take place, until the user is exposed to the ubiquitous "You're infected" screen:

- dotyuzcifl.ru/liq/?st= - - Email: kireev@ravermail.com (NS: ns1.freemobiledns.mobi Email: akorn1022@gmail.com)
    - errgxhxzerr.co.cc/r/feed.php?k= -, AS27716, ASEVELOZ - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
    - errgxhxzerr.co.cc/tube/?k=
    - errgxhxzerr.co.cc/r/sss.php
        - www4.protection-guard89.co.cc -, AS46664 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
        - www1.virus-detection50.co.cc/?p=p52 -, AS47869, NETROUTING-AS - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com

- Detection rate:
packupdate9_289.exe - Win32/TrojanDownloader.FakeAlert.AEY - 6/ 42 (14.3%)
MD5   : 3e4920aa3ff24db64372ae96854f3f02
SHA1  : 75bcb6acf5ff65269bfc5f685e5d03688b8b1ade
SHA256: 7272f889520cd1d1898ccd91f1b01835cf53f06b452041baae0336796ff09fd7

Responding to, AS47869, NETROUTING-AS are also the following domains:
www1.virus-detection50.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection51.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection52.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection53.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection54.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection55.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection56.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection57.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection58.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www1.virus-detection59.co.cc/?p=p52 - Email: abc.emm@gmail.com
www2.mypersonalshield70.in - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
www2.mypersonalshield71.in - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
www2.mypersonalshield72.in - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl

It gets even more interesting, and cybercrime ecosystem-friendly, when we see that one of the scareware redirector domains, has been registered with the same email as the scareware domain redirector used in the monetization vector of Gumblar's campaigns.

The currently used uramozat.cz.cc /scanner10/?afid=76 -, AS50109, HOSTLIFE-AS WIBO PROJECT LLC - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com is registered using the same email as the recently used hoopdotami.cz .cc/scanner5/?afid=24 - - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com from the "Spamvertised Best Buy, Macy's, Evite and Target Themed Scareware/Exploits Serving Campaign".

This centralization of monetization networks ultimately serves best the security industry and law enforcement, and remains a trend rather than a fad.

Responding to are also the following affiliate redirector domains:
sulphomihin.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
suppcorfoke.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
swinumlobzua.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
taitretarjus.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
talinighge.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
tangmomawigg.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
taniverwea.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
tedroidragin.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
tifucacel.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
ungelacoc.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
unriprazzhalf.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
uramozat.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
vochicorneu.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
voihuavino.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
voldcafuri.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
weineitronty.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
wintotersstal.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
worddreamelpa.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
wordrochosom.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
xboxunechin.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
ydeconspi.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
zilrebelma.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
zukavito.cz.cc - Email: ydeconspi@nice-4u.com
Complete list of the URLs for compromised sites (CURRENTLY ACTIVE) hosted at AS15547, TVS2NET-NETPLUS Servicing cable-network customer in CH.
abitasion.ch /ilIucpUWAeima
abitasion.ch /ilOeUSbRtm/
abmontage.ch /73NJub8iWea/
absteam.ch /UfHZl8Qm7/
accueiletpartagesuisse.ch /WbVc0fiHIabe/
accueiletpartagesuisse.ch /Wbytpauohcjk/
adikt-a.ch /isisAuMOImXW/
adikt-a.ch /isIWcgUV7L/
adsite.ch /lAULixdSoWmA/
adumas.ch /QVxaomZ7er
aemo-valais.ch /uaIagow/
aerobic-chablais.ch /IYMy3IAejmiq/
aerobic-chablais.ch /IYuMW8yHJ/
a-fauchere.ch /rU8alutON/
agpinstallations.ch /WAoxnHauvyUi/
agpinstallations.ch /WAwANoXv9rek/
alayra.ch /ufgMxORjbNz9i/
alex-xxxl.ch /u9VUyo9hw/
alpirama.ch /A0Sc3Iu/
alterfamiliae.ch /RgauIMVZ/
ametys.ch /IZ2eblxoL3tSN/
ametys.ch /IZbAaYy/
amis-orgue-moudon.ch /WuIatdWMbRSg/
amis-orgue-moudon.ch /WuYUoH3/
apf-hev-fr.ch /drkoUqjx/
artdidier.ch /vZkR7ap2gQiAU/
artefax.ch /u8oApWua/
artefax.ch /u8qrYoi8ASh/
artisanatbramoisien.ch /jRVAEWyXqLsM/
artisane.ch /Scg3lEv/
artisan-fondeur.ch /RX0y9OdUu/
artist-e.ch /j8WfiIEa/
asb-coaching.ch /uJWOIdHeuai/
atelier-bois.ch /skJun0elUgM8/
ateliercube.ch /3bqNHnLy/
attoufoula-al-baria.ch /scWZHibIemAqr/
autoecole-sion.ch /kuWcUM3yn9xgo/
aux-doigts-de-fee.ch /eooVapJNWcuHx/
auxpetitsbois.ch /8OxIaoWeydbc7/
avgf.ch /xr3t0uvanegb/
avmep.ch /niyW3RHiaoE/
avmep.ch /nizXOdumW/
avosbagages.ch /ebaAuynxel2L/
avta.ch /Zu0VoixA/
banques-assurances.ch /WEeyt7iUYL/
batibois.ch /hgAbavx/
batibois.ch /hghkyUNO9/
bconseils.ch /tAIUzJVn/
bc-production.ch /9XupRmIbE/
bdelfolie.ch /ushj20miJW9wu/
bdelfolie.ch /usIUomaYfWeN/
becoval.ch /aVUqW9xYbp/
bedat-conseils.ch /AUyYRtuhWrpA/
belfid.ch /ftRbtgl3/
bellodelledonne.ch /oX0kUuN/
bellodelledonne.ch /oXoNgekf7i/
bestwear.ch /j0iyeJ3v/
bienecrire.ch /YAE9ldiakvy/
biocave.ch /AuhuwoAUxOI3W/
birman.ch /Z7MoeVXgAafL/
blanchival.ch /ANabQIgk0zeO/
blanchival.ch /ANJjlQgHb/
bnbmorel.ch /yfE3AyWoQx8/
bonnes-occases.ch /HlYMhcE/
bouquins.ch /IWH0dAa/
cafepsy.ch /ZoiAcIWlRM/
calzolarorocco.ch /9a8aYRjIrW/
camping-sedunum.ch /SvvMQjsem/
canadulce.ch /wuIlMriaN/
canadulce.ch /wuQYryJ/
carrgeiger.ch /ehsVy2uXxoAWE/
carte-menu.ch /JQinNyA/
castalie.ch /cq3xeyWmjaf/
catherineritter.ch /AdUJiRq/
catherineritter.ch /AdUqRAiSnNsyv/
cavedegoubing.ch /ERNzcu9iagdo/
cave-des-chevalieres.ch /WuunyOq/
celinerenaud.ch /Qj7dHcLo/
celinerenaud.ch /QjZoUyaJ/
centre-autos.ch /lNUYRuWnA/
cere-sa.ch /IyEHdVqAIYbXL/
cere-sa.ch /IyknWJr/
cgt.ch /egAaVUfne/
chalets-for-sale.ch /SaNXWcvU/
chavaz-archi.ch /8iAZxEaJ/
chavaz-archi.ch /8iQOjlS/
cretillons.ch /ianeZc2/

Responding to (the original redirector domains dotyuzcifl.ru; errgxhxzerr.co.cc), AS27716, ASEVELOZ Eveloz are the remaining domains part of the scareware/redirection/Fake Adobe Player (tube/Adobe__Flash__Player.exe) campaign.

- Detection rate:
Adobe__Flash__Player.exe - Heuristic.BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious.H - 11/ 42 (26.2%)
MD5   : 8a10909c487a739e85028a19a1e898dc
SHA1  : d9f7d78fe245f8df04fa398835b52d5a2c2d6af7
SHA256: 63befe78a7895a8efc6d893491d8f77ef8ada1cd52d562587490a79f29b65336

- Upon execution phones back to:
qualattice.com - - Email: trough@mobiletonight.com
jaxcage.net -, AS6851, BKCNET "SIA" IZZI - Email: delee@easteroffers.com
mybubblebean.com -, AS6851, BKCNET "SIA" IZZI - Email: place@popupquote.com
freejaxbird.net - - Email: delee@easteroffers.com

07tqqwem.ru - Email: pishkov@rbcmail.ru
0qhe7y6o.ru - Email: pishkov@rbcmail.ru
0st44x7z.ru - Email: stroganov@mail.ru
0w6scx6a.ru - Email: goncharov@rapworld.com
20xzpzga.ru - Email: danilov@boatnerd.com
23qjmdic.ru - Email: lebedev@rapworld.com
28iue5ri.ru - Email: kireev@bgay.com
28jnbuak.ru - Email: kirillov@ravermail.com
2poaxz3k.ru - Email: alekseev@land.ru
2tmo2ba2.ru - Email: kustov@remixer.com
30zcz8ot.ru - Email: slabkov@bigmailbox.net
32iafdnp.ru - Email: erohin@intimatefire.com
3a0stbqe.ru - Email: golodnikov@blida.info
3jruf6nc.ru - Email: taranov@inorbit.com
40ktc2tn.ru - Email: antonov@insurer.com
4hp2ag6c.ru - Email: belov@kidrock.com
4mausx2w.ru - Email: lavrov@blackcity.net
4y8pqcby.ru - Email: pokatilov@realtyagent.com
5eqq3sgj.ru - Email: abakumov@smtp.ru
5gsco2w5.ru - Email: davidov@bikermail.com
5q4eyd2w.ru - Email: stepanov@pop3.ru
5znhff2s.ru - Email: kalinin@boarderzone.com
6ojj8sks.ru - Email: patralov@bigheavyworld.com
6pgsqndh.ru - Email: baklanov@mail333.com
83qndvnj.ru - Email: taranov@relapsecult.com
868r5e0b.ru - Email: udalov@rastamall.com
8n7pnyyr.ru - Email: patralov@front.ru
8reclame.ru - Email: kirikov@billssite.com
atyyyopg.ru - Email: viktorov@bikerheaven.net
azaamdwo.ru - Email: samsonov@bikermail.com
bvo62o0i.ru - Email: kirillov@rastamall.com
c28xd2ck.ru - Email: luzgin@front.ru
cf8sagkn.ru - Email: alekseev@ratedx.net
ckmdbrio.ru - Email: ulyanov@rapworld.com
crosslinks-services.ru - Email: ekomasov@kidrock.com
csokolom.ru - Email: kirikov@irow.com
cw5k47ye.ru - Email: viktorov@bicycling.com
duz5n2ca.ru - Email: belov@billssite.com
dwunvuum.ru - Email: stepanov@pop3.ru
ea7xh4vw.ru - Email: goncharov@repairman.com
err39hxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err3ghxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err5phxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err61hxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err6ehxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err6jhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err8jhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
err8whxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errb9hxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errbehxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errbqhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errcihxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errdhhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errekhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errfdhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errgqhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errgthxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errguhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com
errgvhxzerr.co.cc - Email: andrew_bush52@hotmail.com

f50rbdb8.ru - Email: samsonov@kidrock.com
fbbktj2z.ru - Email: zhukov@kidrock.com
fimpvs8t.ru - Email: zhuravlev@blackvault.com
fppf2h28.ru - Email: danilov@pochta.ru
gayq8rgx.ru - Email: kovalev@blackcity.net

gztyue8w.ru - Email: kirillov@boatnerd.com
h6poe6or.ru - Email: beglov@inorbit.com
hc6zxms4.ru - Email: lebedev@intimatefire.com
hem3oxjh.ru - Email: ulyanov@boarderzone.com
hszwwvjq.ru - Email: kustov@fromru.com
i2wv8rdm.ru - Email: shedrin@billssite.com
i4nhjopf.ru - Email: antonov@fromru.com
i7in0b64.ru - Email: ulyanov@kinkyemail.com
ihbkbzcm.ru - Email: abdulov@iname.com
io0yfyc8.ru - Email: molchanov@repairman.com
j6yeky7p.ru - Email: bazhenov@krovatka.su
j7k6xze2.ru - Email: vasilev@pop3.ru
jimm2rusru.ru - Email: kustov@rapworld.com
jimm4fan09.ru - Email: antonov@blida.info
jimmjimm895.ru - Email: kuznecov@insurer.com
jimmkolesoru.ru - Email: naumov@boarderzone.com
jimmonline0.ru - Email: miheev@gmail.com
jimmplum2.ru - Email: vishnevskiy@pop3.ru
jimmthebest1.ru - Email: aleksandrov@blackcity.net
jnano5gh.ru - Email: zhukov@realtyagent.com
jokerjokk.ru - Email: beglov@blida.info
kefpvbsi.ru - Email: kalinin@boarderzone.com
kfgemaae.ru - Email: ulyanov@bigmailbox.net
koliander.ru - Email: zaicev@insurer.com
liononlinensd.ru - Email: nikitin@rastamall.com
lokipol.ru - Email: kirikov@bikerheaven.net
mjbims7m.ru - Email: pishkov@ravermail.com
mrt0zqcb.ru - Email: shedrin@pochtamt.ru
mxek5t5g.ru - Email: beglov@repairman.com
ni2m4kua.ru - Email: zhukov@bikermail.com
nv8os6yt.ru - Email: kuznecov@mail.ru
o3wg4sya.ru - Email: abakumov@bolbox.com
ocggnaif.ru - Email: zaicev@iname.com
ofz5qzgu.ru - Email: zaicev@ravermail.com
oh7iumr7.ru - Email: belov@inorbit.com

onlinefeeds.ru - Email: beglov@insurer.com
onlinegearsd.ru - Email: luzgin@smtp.ru
onlinejimmmovse.ru - Email: abakumov@realtyagent.com
onlineonlkiok.ru - Email: kirillov@billssite.com
pgvvua6j.ru - Email: goncharov@bicycling.com
pororkol.ru - Email: erohin@bikerider.com
prc6t7z3.ru - Email: kirikov@pochtamt.ru
psxdv0nr.ru - Email: zhukov@inbox.ru
pvbsiy5y.ru - Email: komarov@kinkyemail.com
q3ysg05s.ru - Email: golodnikov@insurer.com
qbecqe0s.ru - Email: ulyanov@bicycling.com
qec5beqn.ru - Email: morozov@pochta.ru
qfnye2t7.ru - Email: bednyakov@irow.com
qpsxdv0n.ru - Email: viktorov@blackcity.net
rikosdhu.ru - Email: pokatilov@pisem.net
ronaldknol.ru - Email: taranov@smtp.ru
rs3gpd0m.ru - Email: alekseev@bicycledata.com
rudjimmdjimm.ru - Email: alekseev@boarderzone.com
s4gvhd35.ru - Email: lebedev@blackvault.com
s748eop4.ru - Email: aleksandrov@repairman.com
sgivnn0t.ru - Email: volkov@repairman.com
stpf6qpv.ru - Email: bednyakov@relapsecult.com
sv4wmtxj.ru - Email: ivanov@bikerider.com
t0a2afyq.ru - Email: ivanov@boatnerd.com
t3tzynvj.ru - Email: bazhenov@rapstar.com
trustincompanies.ru - Email: abdulov@insurer.com
u5fyfzjt.ru - Email: polovov@rbcmail.ru
ucf47vnu.ru - Email: abdulov@bikerider.com
uplcash.com - Email: director@climbing-games.com
v5w3xgzn.ru - Email: morozov@rbcmail.ru
vgksry7k.ru - Email: vishnevskiy@land.ru
w8iroomb.ru - Email: golodnikov@pop3.ru
x7p03g0j.ru - Email: kirikov@front.ru
xni27ftd.ru - Email: timofeev@mail.ru
xsd3id8t.ru - Email: kovalev@pochta.ru
xthjrgxz.ru - Email: pokatilov@insurer.com
xu44i03y.ru - Email: arhipov@insurer.com
yi0ewtmd.ru - Email: antonov@blackvault.com
yp7o07nq.ru - Email: golodnikov@rbcmail.ru
z26hggcb.ru - Email: pokatilov@fromru.com
z656cvje.ru - Email: slabkov@boatnerd.com
zsrd4xj5.ru - Email: kuznecov@iname.com
zznks8fh.ru - Email: bulaev@registerednurses.com

Could we have a blackhat SEO campaign, without a Koobface gang connection? Appreciate my rhetoric. Parked at, again within AS27716, ASEVELOZ Eveloz are the following domains:
35l3cv2oywwycrfz1yo3.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
4idmcxlczdy52yh7rklb.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
56ml7zj047l0x6wm9v6y.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
8vsgzuu084e9i8ohl5nn.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
aatyamlkpgxp8h3m17ky.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
bvzpvunifooe8t946d2p.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
i905jzsht33cd4kfcqvh.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
jhn72w76khysuxdgj0bo.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
k78ju8lyzratna0c5r7m.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
lrbx4hzznbdmedfk4xrd.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
ls1eepnzj784nid96prn.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
n0itv7fh7qscrfse3i1i.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
pdusxsiuedamjc83qlpi.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
rabotaetpolubomu.net - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
t0vqred4itv4pmo488k9.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
thmyb0s6se5febs0ghb8.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
u5a05q1dnmr4jwqrnav3.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
uq1wedg9tr523wbafdzp.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
vk4j2x7n49nq1il9vm5h.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com
ysut5gx094w2dddjtswh.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com

Deja vu! Where do we know the michaeltycoon@gmail.com email from? From the "A Diverse Portfolio of Scareware/Blackhat SEO Redirectors Courtesy of the Koobface Gang" campaign, and in particular from the fact that it was once directly connected to the Koobface gang -- this is not an email that was used to register a domain belonging to the scareware affiliate network, instead it's an email used to register a client-side exploits serving domain parked on the same IP where a hardcore Koobface C&C from Koobface 1.0's infrastructure was responding to - urodinam.net
  • Dissecting the Mass DreamHost Sites Compromise - "Moreover, on the exact same IP where Koobface gang's urodinam.net is parked, we also have the currently active 1zabslwvn538n4i5tcjl.com - Email: michaeltycoon@gmail.com, serving client side exploits using the Yes Malware Exploitation kit - /temp/cache/PDF.php; admin panel at: 1zabslwvn538n4i5tcjl.com /temp/admin/index.php"
Blackhat SEO campaigns, migration from the Koobface-friendly AS31252, STARNET-AS StarNet Moldova, plus a direct connection established as once a customer is migrating, he's usually taking all of his dirty luggage with him, proves that, there's no such thing as coincidence within the cybercrime ecosystem, there's just a diverse infrastructure where everyone appears to be self-serving their needs as a service, consequently forwarding responsibility for someone else's actions to the infrastructure they are abusing.

Related blackhat SEO/scareware monetization assessments:
Dissecting the 100,000+ Scareware Serving Fake YouTube Pages Campaign
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A Diverse Portfolio of Scareware/Blackhat SEO Redirectors Courtesy of the Koobface Gang

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A Peek Inside the Managed Blackhat SEO Ecosystem
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From Ukraine with Bogus Twitter, LinkedIn and Scribd Accounts
Fake Web Hosting Provider - Front-end to Scareware Blackhat SEO Campaign at Blogspot

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Spamvertised Best Buy, Macy's, Evite and Target Themed Scareware/Exploits Serving Campaign

Monday, August 09, 2010

They are back again (Spamvertised Amazon "Verify Your Email", "Your Amazon Order" Malicious Emails; Dissecting the Xerox WorkCentre Pro Scanned Document Themed Campaign) for a fresh start of the week, with a currently ongoing spam campaign, serving scareware and client-side exploits, using a "Thank you for your payment"/"Thank you for your EXPRESS payment" themed subjects impersonating popular brands such as Best Buy, Macy's, Target and Evite.

Let's dissect the campaign, its structure, emphasize on the monetization strategy, and expose the complete portfolio of the domains involved in the campaign.

Sample email:
"Subject :Thank you for your payment Don’t miss a thing – Add support@e.macys.com to your email address book! Click here if you are unable to see images in this email.

1. Sign in on macys.com at https://www.macys.com/myinfo/index.ognc
2. Click on “My Account” – “My Profile” at https://www.macys.com/myinfo/profile/index.ognc
3. Uncheck the box Receive email notification when statements are available to view online and when payments are due.
4. Click on “Update Profile”
5. Expect the change to take place in 3 days
©2009 macys.com Inc., 685 Market Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94105. All rights reserved.

Compared to previous campaigns, the directory structure (fast fluxed :8080/index.php?pid=10; maliciousurl.ru /QWERTY.js; maliciousurl.ru /ODBC.js; LAN.js; Access.js; End_User.js etc.) of this one remains virtually the same, depending, of course, on the angle you choose for dissecting it.

Sample campaign structure:
- musicsgeneva.com /x.html - "PLEASE WAITING 4 SECOND..."
- opus22.org /x.html - "PLEASE WAITING 4 SECOND..."
- shamelessfreegift.com /x.html - "PLEASE WAITING 4 SECOND..."
- physicianschoiceonline.com /x.htm - "PLEASE WAITING 4 SECOND..."
    - baymediagroup .com:8080/index.php?pid=10 - client-side exploits -;;;; - Email: fb@bigmailbox.ru
        - hoopdotami.cz .cc/scanner5/?afid=24 - - scareware monetization

- Detection rate:
antivirus_24.exe - Trojan.Win32.FraudPack.berq - Result: 16/42 (38.1%)
File size: 166912 bytes
MD5...: b3cd297c654d3be52ffeb5f6a5ff13b4
SHA1..: bae889dd8ac7b22ec5f5649d6e0c073c8e2119d5

Upon execution, the sample phones back to:
httpsstarss.in /httpss/v=40&step=2&hostid= - - Email: stevieksbaiz@hotmail.com
httpstatsconfig.com /getfile.php?r= - - Email: httpstatsconfig.com@evoprivacy.com

Responding to are also:
ns1.desktopsecurity2010ltd.com - Email: sixtakidlt2@hotmail.com

Domains using the same name server, ns1.freedomen.info - - Email: mail@vetaxa.com
adsonlineinc.com -
picmonde.com -
bonblogger.com -
h2fastpornpics.com -
celebsfinectpics.com - - Email: temp.for.loan@gmail.com
celebsfreeimages.com - - Email: hannigey233@hotmail.com
picindividuals.com -
picbloggerprojet.com -
hippocounter.info -
genesisbeta.net -

Name servers of notice:
ns1.getyourdns.com -
ns2.getyourdns.com -
ns3.getyourdns.com -
ns4.getyourdns.com -
ns1.instantdnsserver.com - - Email: depot@infotorrent.ru
ns2.instantdnsserver.com -
ns3.instantdnsserver.com -
ns4.instantdnsserver.com -

Client-side exploits serving domains part of the campaign:
aquaticwrap.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
aroundpiano.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
baybear.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
baymediagroup.com - Email: fb@bigmailbox.ru
bayjail.ru - Email: bushy@bigmailbox.ru
betaguy.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
blockoctopus.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
budgetdude.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
chaoticice.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
clannut.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
clockledge.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
coldboy.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
countryme.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
dayemail.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
diseasednoodle.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
discountprowatch.com - Email: bike@fastermail.ru
dyehill.ru - Email: angles@fastermail.ru
easychurch.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
economypoet.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
envirodollars.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
forhomessale.ru - Email: dull@freemailbox.ru
galacticstall.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
getyourdns.com - Email: fb@bigmailbox.ru
hairyartist.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
lonelyzero.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
lovingmug.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
lowermatch.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
luckyfan.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
malepad.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
matchsearch.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
microlightning.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
mindbat.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
mealpoets.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
nutcountry.ru - Email: dying@qx8.ru
obscurewax.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
oceanobject.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
parkperson.ru - Email: semi@freenetbox.ru
penarea.ru - Email: dying@qx8.ru
ponybug.ru - Email: dying@qx8.ru
pocketbloke.ru - Email: angles@fastermail.ru
programability.ru - Email: dying@qx8.ru
rancideye.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
rawscent.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
recordsquare.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
rescuedtoilet.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
riotassistance.ru - Email: angles@fastermail.ru
scarletpole.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
secondgain.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
shortrib.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
slaveperfume.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
sodacells.ru - Email: dying@qx8.ru
smelldrip.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
starvingarctic.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
stagepause.ru - Email: totem@freenetbox.ru
sweatymilk.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
tartonion.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
tunemug.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
wearyratio.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru
yummyeyes.ru - Email: vibes@freenetbox.ru

UPDATED: Thursday, August 12, 2010: Historical OSINT for client-side exploit serving domains part of Gumblar's campaigns for April/May 2010 using hostdnssite.com (Email: cop@qx8.ru) name server:
bestdarkman.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
bestwebclub.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
buyfootjoy.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
carswebnet.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
cityrealtimes.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
clandarkguide.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
clandarksky.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
darkangelcam.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
darkbluecoast.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
darksidenetwork.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
digitaljoyworld.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
eroomsite.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
esunsite.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
extrafreeweb.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
feedandstream.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
gloomyblack.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
homesweetrv.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
indiawebnet.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
joylifein.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
joysportsworld.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
justroomate.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
kenjoyworld.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
learnwebguide.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
luxurygenuine.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
myfeedsite.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
newsuntour.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
oneroomhome.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
realshoponline.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
redsunpark.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
roomstoretexas.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
suncoastatlas.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
sunstarvideo.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
supersunbeds.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
superwebworld.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
sweetpeapots.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
sweetteenzone.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
thedarkwaters.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
thejoydiet.info - Email: mellow@5mx.ru
therealclamp.info - Email: drum@maillife.ru
thesunchaser.info - Email: wwww@qx8.ru
thesweetchild.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
theultimateweb.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
theyellowsun.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
webguidetv.info - Email: asleep@5mx.ru
webnetenglish.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru
yourprintroom.info - Email: feint@qx8.ru
yoursweetteen.info - Email: mynah@freenetbox.ru 

UPDATED: Friday, August 13, 2010:
The use of Yahoo Groups is still ongoing. Sample URL: groups.yahoo .com/group/nfldcsyi/message which includes a link to perfectpillcool .com:8080.

The campaign is ongoing, updates will be posted as soon as new developments emerge.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Summarizing Zero Day's Posts for July

Monday, August 02, 2010

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ZeuS Crimeware Serving 123Greetings Ecard Themed Campaign in the Wild

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ubiquitous social engineering schemes, never fade away. ZeuS crimeware campaigners are currently using a 123greetings.com ecard-themed campaign, in an attempt to entice users to "enjoy their ecard".

Subject: "You have received an Greeting eCard"
Message: "Good day. You have received an eCard

To pick up your eCard, choose from any of the following options: Click on the following link (or copy & paste it into your web browser): matt-levine.com /ecard.exe; secondary URL offered: forestarabians.nl /ecard.exe Your card will be aviailable for pick-up beginning for the next 30 days. Please be sure to view your eCard before the days are up! We hope you enjoy you eCard. Thank You!

Detection rate:
- ecard.exe - Cryp_Zbot-12; Trojan/Win32.Vundo - Result: 9/42 (21.43%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: e6f3aa226bf9733b7e8c07cab339f4dc
SHA1..: e983767931900a13b88a615d6c1d3f6ff8fb6b60

Upon execution, the sample phones back to:
zephehooqu.ru /bin/koethood.bin -, AS42560 - Email: skit@5mx.ru
jocudaidie.ru /9xq/_gate.php -, AS3462 - Email: skit@5mx.ru - FAST-FLUXED

Multiple MD5s are also currently active at zephehooqu.ru.
Detection rates:
aimeenei.exe - Win32/Zbot.CJI - Result: 30/42 (71.43%)
File size: 149504 bytes
MD5...: 096b7e8c4f611f0eb69cfb776f3a0e7e
SHA1..: 909d7c2740f84599d5e30ffed7261e19ad4a962a

cahdoigu.exe - Mal/Zbot-U - Result: 27/42 (64.29%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: 11f9f96c17584a672c2a563744130a46
SHA1..: f31c40c5c766c7628023105be6f004e5322b17b6

koethood.exe - Troj/Zbot-SW - Result: 30/42 (71.43%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: da1979227141844be69577f7f31a7309
SHA1..: 5ada2c390e63ca051c9582fe723384ce52a45912

loobuhai.exe - BKDR_QAKBOT.SMB - Result: 33/42 (78.58%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: df4e19af8c356b3ff810bc52f6081ccc
SHA1..: d4a1d2f147ae0d24a3eaac66e8d2f9de50cf7a0c

oovaenai.exe - Packed.Win32.Katusha.j - Result: 32/42 (76.2%)
File size: 147456 bytes
MD5...: f0fd5579f06d5b581b5641546ae91d52
SHA1..: c81fa66c546020f3c1c34a0d1aa191b2d9578f07

quohthei.exe - Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW - Result: 33/42 (78.58%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: ffc0d66024f690e875638f4c33ba86f1
SHA1..: c958f3426a3e6fedd76b86a5aef16c90915ac539

sofeigoo.exe - Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW - Result: 31/42 (73.81%)
File size: 148992 bytes
MD5...: 45e98426fafd221ffb7d55ce8a1ae531
SHA1..: 8235b3a80ba6611779dfd4db40a48627af7374eb

teemaeko.exe - PWS:Win32/Zbot.gen!Y - Result: 32/42 (76.2%)
File size: 148992 bytes
MD5...: 9758f04d2f1bd664f37c4285a013372a
SHA1..: 4273dc48f9aeaf69cb7047c4a882af74479fb635

thaigogo.exe - Win32/Spy.Zbot.YW - Result: 34/42 (80.96%)
File size: 147968 bytes
MD5...: b667d75f5bb9f23a8ae249f7de4000a5
SHA1..: 7b57783dcf2aeaafbab3407bb608469851d342bb

ziejaing.exe - Trojan.Zbot.610 - Result: 30/42 (71.43%)
File size: 147456 bytes
MD5...: 7592e957de01e53956517097c0e9ccd8
SHA1..: e7c04d2c8c5d4a51e2615a2ee015d87d28655320

Related .ru cybercrime-friendly domains, sharing fast-flux infrastructure with this campaign's C&C:
adaichaepo.ru - Email: subtle@maillife.ru
aroolohnet.ru - Email: brawn@bigmailbox.ru
dahzunaeye.ru - Email: celia@freenetbox.ru
esvr3.ru - Email: bender@freenetbox.ru
hazelpay.ru - Email: owed@bigmailbox.ru
iesahnaepi.ru - Email: heel@bigmailbox.ru
iveeteepew.ru - Email: atomic@freenetbox.ru
jocudaidie.ru - Email: skit@5mx.ru
ohphahfech.ru - Email: warts@maillife.ru
railuhocal.ru - Email: celia@freenetbox.ru
sdlls.ru - Email: vc@bigmailbox.ru

Name servers of notice within the fast-flux infrastructure:
ns1.tophitnews.net - - Email: worldchenell@ymail.com
ns2.tophitnews.net -
ns1.usercool.net -
ns2.usercool.net -
ns1.welcominternet.net - - Email: admin@rangermadeira.com
ns2.welcominternet.net -
ns1.gamezoneland.com - - Email: xtrail.corp@gmail.com
ns2.gamezoneland.com -
ns1.tropic-nolk.com -  - Email: greysy@gmx.com
ns2.tropic-nolk.com -
ns1.interaktivitysearch.net - - Email: ssupercats@yahoo.com
ns2.interaktivitysearch.net -
ns1.openworldwhite.net - - Email: xtrail.corp@gmail.com
ns2.openworldwhite.net -
ns1.helphotbest.net - Email: worldchenell@ymail.com

It gets even more interesting.  

greysy@gmx.com has already been profiled in an Avalanche botnet campaign using TROYAK-AS's services back then (The Avalanche Botnet and the TROYAK-AS Connection), followed by another assessment "TorrentReactor.net Serving Crimeware, Client-Side Exploits Through a Malicious Ad" where the same email was also used to register a name server part of the fast-flux infrastructure of the ZeuS crimeware's C&Cs.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Dissecting the Xerox WorkCentre Pro Scanned Document Themed Campaign

Monday, July 19, 2010

Over the weekend, a "Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro" themed malware campaign relying on zip archives, was actively spamvertised by cybecriminals seeking to infect gullible end/corporate users.

What's particularly interesting about this campaign, is the cocktail of malware dropped on infected hosts, including Asprox sample (Money Mule Recruiters use ASProx's Fast Fluxing Services), and two separate samples of Antimalware Doctor.

- Sample subject: Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro $9721130
- Sample message: "Please open the attached document. It was scanned and sent to you using a Xerox WorkCentre Pro.

Sent by: Guest
Number of Images: 1
Attachment File Type: ZIP [DOC]

WorkCentre Pro Location: machine location not set Device Name: XRX2090AA7ACDB45466972. For more information on Xerox products and solutions, please visit http://www.xerox.com

- Detection rates:
- Xerox_doc1.exe - Trojan.Win32.Jorik.Oficla.bb - Result: 34/42 (80.96%)
File size: 30926 bytes
MD5...: 1d378a6bc94d5b5a702026d31c21e242
SHA1..: 545e83f547d05664cd6792e254b87539fba24eb9

- Xerox_doc2.exe - Trojan.Win32.Jorik.Oficla.ba - Result: 34/42 (80.96%)
File size: 43520 bytes
MD5...: 829c86d4962f186109534b669ade47d7
SHA1..: 5d3d02d0f6ce87cd96a34b73dc395460d623616e

The samples then phone back to the Oficla/Sasfis C&Cs at hulejsoops.ru/images/bb.php?v=200&id=554905388&b=avpsales&tm=3 -, AS51274 - Email: mxx3@yandex.ru which periodically rotates three different executables using the following URLs:

0815.ch /pic/view.exe
curseri.ch /pictures/securedupdaterfix717.exe
regionalprodukte-beo.ch /about/cgi.exe

Backup URLS:
leeitpobbod.ru/image/bb.php -, AS4134 - Email: mxx3@yandex.ru - dead response
loloohuildifsd.ru/image/bb.php - - Email: mxx3@yandex.ru - dead response
nemohuildifsd.ru/image/bb.php - (nemohuildiin.ru, russianmomds.ru), AS4134 - Email: mxx3@yandex.ru - dead response

Let's take a peek at the samples found within the C&C.

view.exe - Trojan.Win32.Jorik.Aspxor.e - Result: 11/42 (26.2%)
File size: 79360 bytes
MD5...: 5d296fe1ef7bf67f36fe9adb209398ee
SHA1..: 41b45bcd241cd97b72d7866d13c4a0eb6bf6a0ee

Upon execution, the sample phones back to well known Asprox C&Cs:
cl63amgstart.ru: 80/board.php -, AS42473 - Email: ssa1@yandex.ru
hypervmsys.ru: 80/board.php - (hostagents.ru), AS28753 - Email: vadim.rinatovich@yandex.ru

Previously, all of the following ASPRox domains used exclusively for massive SQL injections, used to respond to

webservicesbba.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicelupa.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserivcekota.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicesrob.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserivcezub.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserviceforward.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserivcessh.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicesmulti.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicezok.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicebal.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicefull.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicessl.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserviceaan.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicedevlop.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserviceftp.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
hypervmsys.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserviceget.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webserviceskot.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
cl63amgstart.ru - Email: ssa1@yandex.ru
ml63amgstart.ru - Email: ssa21@yandex.ru
webservicesttt.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicenow.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru
webservicekuz.ru - Email: anrnews@mail.ru

Currently, the gang's migrating this infrastructure to, AS39150, VLTELECOM-AS VLineTelecom LLC Moscow, Russia.

All of these domains+subdomains sharing the same js.js directory structure, which upon visiting loads URLs such as (accesspad.ru :8080/index.php?pid=6) with the rest of the domains sharing the same infrastructure as the ones profiled in "Spamvertised Amazon "Verify Your Email", "Your Amazon Order" Malicious Emails" post:




 Getting back to the samples rotated by the original campaign binary, and their detection rates, network interactions.

- Detection rates:
- securedupdaterfix717.exe - Trojan.Win32.FakeYak - Result: 22/42 (52.39%)
File size: 36864 bytes
MD5...: cd16d4c998537248e6d4d0a3d51ca6de
SHA1..: 7e36ef0ce85fac18ecffd5a82566352ce0322589

Phones back to:
s.ldwn.in/inst.php?fff=7071710000&saf=ru - (updget.in; wordmeat.in), AS6851 - Email: feliciachappell@ymail.com
bootfree.in/ MainModule717release10000.exe - (flowload.in; lessown.in; sstats.in), AS43134 - Email: feliciachappell@ymail.com
s.wordmeat.in/install.php?coid= -, AS6851 - Email: feliciachappell@ymail.com

- Detection rate for MainModule717release10000.exe
- MainModule717release10000.exe - Trojan:Win32/FakeYak - Result: 26/42 (61.90%)
File size: 1043968 bytes
MD5...: 3c30c62e9981bd86c5897447cb358235
SHA1...: 36bfc285a61bcb67f2867dd303ac3cefa0e490a0

Phones back to:
wordmeat.in - - Email: feliciachappell@ymail.com
vismake.in - - Email: keelingelizabeth@ymail.com

- Detection rate for the 3rd binary rotated in the original C&C:
- cgi.exe - Trojan.Inject.8960 - Result: 6/42 (14.29%)File size: 62976 bytes
MD5...: 45c062490e0fc262c181efc323cb83ba
SHA1..: bff90630f2064d7bcc82b7389c2b8525ff960870

Phones back to:
musiceng.ru /music/forum/index1.php -, AS49087 - Email: ol.feodosoff@yandex.ru

The whole campaign, is a great example of what cybercrime underground multitasking is all about. Moreover, it illustrates the interactions between the usual suspects, with the not so surprising appearance of the already profiled AS6851, BKCNET, Sagade Ltd.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Spamvertised Amazon "Verify Your Email", "Your Amazon Order" Malicious Emails

Friday, July 16, 2010

And they're back (Gumblar or RUmblar due to the extensive use of .ru domains) for a decent start of the weekend - switching social engineering themes one more time, this time impersonating Amazon.com
  •  NOTE: A summary of the malicious payload served will be posted at a later stage. Meanwhile, in order to facilitate quicker response, a complete list of the domains participating will be featured/disseminated across the appropriate parties.
- Sample subject: Amazon.com: Please verify your new e-mail address
- Sample message: "Dear email, You recently changed your e-mail address at Amazon.com. Since you are a subscriber of Amazon.com Delivers E-mail Subscriptions, you will need to verify your new e-mail address. Please verify that the e-mail address email belongs to you. You can click on the link below to complete the verification process. Alternatively, you can type or paste the following link into your Web browser: http://www.amazon.com"

Client-side exploitation is taking place through, for instance, crystalrobe.ru: 8080/index.php?pid=14 and hillchart.com: 8080/index.php?pid=14. As seen in previous campaigns, this one is also sharing an identical directory structure, such as:
malicious-domain.com :8080/index.php?pid=2
malicious-domain.com :8080/Notes1.pdf (Notes1-to-Notes10.pdf)
malicious-domain.com :8080/NewGames.jar
malicious-domain.com :8080/Games.jar
malicious-domain.com :8080/Applet1.html (Applet1-to-Applet10.html)
malicious-domain.com :8080/welcome.php?id=6&pid=1&hello=503

crystalrobe.ru :8080/index.php?pid=14
crystalrobe.ru :8080/jquery.jxx?v=5.3.4
crystalrobe.ru :8080/new/controller.php
crystalrobe.ru :8080/js.php
crystalrobe.ru :8080/welcome.php?id=6&pid=1&hello=503
crystalrobe.ru :8080/welcome.php?id=0&pid=1

Client-side exploits serving domains (;;;; part of the campaign:
applecorn.com - Email: es@qx8.ru
areadrum.com - Email: qx@freenetbox.ru
busyspade.com - Email: baffle@freenetbox.ru
cafemack.com - Email: soy@qx8.ru
clanday.com - Email: elope@fastermail.ru
dnsofthost.com - Email: depot@infotorrent.ru
drunkjeans.com - Email: runway@5mx.ru
earlymale.com - Email: amply@maillife.ru
galslime.com - Email: soy@qx8.ru
gigasofa.com - Email: grind@fastermail.ru
hillchart.com - Email: soy@qx8.ru
hugejar.com - Email: runway@5mx.ru
ionicclock.com - Email: kin@maillife.ru
lasteye.com - Email: amply@maillife.ru
luckysled.com - Email: kin@maillife.ru
macrotub.com - Email: dodge@5mx.ru
oldgoal.com - Email: kin@maillife.ru
outerrush.com - Email: amply@maillife.ru
quietzero.com - Email: grind@fastermail.ru
radiomum.com - Email: es@qx8.ru
roundstorm.com - Email: es@qx8.ru
sadute.com - Email: grind@fastermail.ru
sheepbody.com - Email: es@qx8.ru
shinytower.com - Email: cord@maillife.ru
splatspa.com - Email: elope@fastermail.ru
tanspice.com - Email: dodge@5mx.ru
tanyear.com - Email: grind@fastermail.ru
tightsales.com - Email: runway@5mx.ru
tuneblouse.com - Email: es@qx8.ru
validplan.com - Email: dodge@5mx.ru
waxyblock.com - Email: cord@maillife.ru

allnext.ru - Email: swipe@maillife.ru
barnsoftware.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
bestbidline.ru - Email: jody@fastermail.ru
bestexportsite.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
bittag.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
boozelight.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
brandnewnet.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
cangethelp.ru - Email: liver@freenetbox.ru
chainjoke.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
comingbig.ru - Email: swipe@maillife.ru
countypath.ru - Email: liver@freenetbox.ru
crystalrobe.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
cupjack.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
dealyak.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
eyesong.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
familywater.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
funsitedesigns.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
galneed.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
girllab.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
greedford.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
guntap.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
heroguy.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
homecarenation.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
homesitecam.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
hookdown.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
horsedoctor.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
jarpub.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
liplead.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
livesitedesign.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
mansbestsite.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
marketholiday.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
metalspice.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
mingleas.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
motherfire.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru

musicbestway.ru - Email: jody@fastermail.ru
musicsiteguide.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
netbesthelp.ru - Email: liver@freenetbox.ru
netwebinternet.ru - Email: dibs@freemailbox.ru
newagedirect.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
newhomelady.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
newinfoworld.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
newworldunion.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
ourfreesite.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
panlip.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
pantscow.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
problemdollars.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
raceobject.ru - Email: people@bigmailbox.ru
silencepill.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
sisterqueen.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
slaveday.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
stareastwork.ru - Email: next@fastermail.ru
superblenderworld.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
superhoppie.ru - Email: soft@bigmailbox.ru
supertruelife.ru - Email: edsel@fastermail.ru
superwestcoast.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
theantimatrix.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
tintie.ru - Email: swipe@maillife.ru
topmediasite.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
treecorn.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
trueblueally.ru - Email: soft@bigmailbox.ru
trueblueberyl.ru - Email: soft@bigmailbox.ru
tunemug.ru - Email: tips@freenetbox.ru
ushead.ru - Email: crag@maillife.ru
westbendonline.ru - Email: edsel@fastermail.ru
yaktrack.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru
yournewonline.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
yourtolltag.ru - Email: orphan@qx8.ru
yourtruecrime.ru - Email: soft@bigmailbox.ru
zooneed.ru - Email: ole@bigmailbox.ru

Name servers of notice:
ns1.dnsofthost.com -
ns2.dnsofthost.com -
ns3.dnsofthost.com -
ns4.dnsofthost.com -

The NAUNET-REG-RIPN domain registrar, although, having already registered over a 100 ZeuS crimeware friendly domains, there's little chance they'll take action. Updates, including take down/remediation actions will be posted as soon as they emerge.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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Sampling Malicious Activity Inside Cybercrime-Friendly Search Engines

Thursday, July 15, 2010

UPDATED, Friday, July 16, 2010 - Directi has suspended the domains portfolio of the cybercrime-friendly search engines. 

Cybercrime-friendly search engines are bogus search engines, which in between visually social engineering their users, offer fake results leading to client-side exploits, bogus video players dropping more malware, scareware, next to the pharmaceutical scams, and domain farms neatly embedded with Google AdSense scripts for monetization.

In the majority of cases -- whenever blackhat SEO is not an option -- end users are exposed the their maliciousness once they get infected with malware redirecting each and every request to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to the malicious IPs/domains operated by the cybercriminals.

As far as their monetization tactics are concerned, fellow cybercriminals are free to purchase any kind of keyword they want to, for instance "spyware", make it look like the end user is clicking on security-vendor.com's site, whereas upon clicking, based on his physical location a particular type of malicious activity takes place.

Remember the HOSTS file modification taking place courtesy of the malware at AS6851, BKCNET, Sagade Ltd., and in particular the Koobface gang related IP Sampling the malicious activity within the search engines parked/forwarded (DNS recursion) from this IP, results in client-side exploits, bogus video players dropping malware, and scareware, and that in less than 5 minutes of testing.

The cybercrime-friendly domains in question:
searchclick1.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick2.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick3.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick4.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick5.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick6.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick7.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick8.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick9.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchclick10.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753
searchmeup4.com - - AS28753
zetaclicks4.com - - AS28753
websafeclicks.com - Email: d.bond@mail.ru - - AS28753

Internal redirections reading to malicious take place through the following domains:
7search.com - - Email: webadmin@7search.com
greatseeking.com, superfindmea.info - - Email: serdukov.art@gmail.com
superseeking.org - - Email: serdukov.art@gmail.com
searching4all.com, pharmc9.com - - Email: abuse@click9.com
syssmessage.com; sysstem-mesage.com; sys-mesage.com; potectmesage.com - -  Email: roroaleksey@gmail.com
xml.click9.com/click.php - - Email: abuse@click9.com
sunday-traffic.com/in.php - - Email: tech@add-manager.com
efindsite.info/search2.php -
greatseeking.com/search2.php - - Email: serdukov.art@gmail.com
n-traff.com/clickn.php -
going-to-n.com/clickn.php -
everytds.tk/in.cgi?3=&ID=19504; onlyscan.tk; pornstaar.tk; dotroot.tk -

Internal pharmaceutical redirections take place through the following domains:
medsbrands.com - - Email: tech@add-manager.com
thepillsdiscounts.info - - Email: tech@add-manager.com
yourcatalogonline.biz -
bestderden.org -

Internal redirections reading to malicious take place through the following IPs:

Sample malicious activity consists of scareware campaigns, client-side exploits, and bogus video players dropping malware.

Upon visiting the bogus PornTube at vogel-tube.com/xfreeporn.php?id= - (the-real-tube-best.com great-celebs-tube.net parked there) - Email: admin@thenweb.com the use is tricked into manually installing basemultimedia.com/video-plugin.45309.exe - (visualbasismedia.com) - Email: joe@silentringer.com

- Detection rate
video-plugin.45309.exe - Downloader-CEW.b, Result: 6/42 (14.29%)
File size: 113152 bytes
MD5...: 25e644171bf9ee2a052b5fa71f8284e5
SHA1..: e4ac01534c7c1b71d2a38cf480339d31db187ecb

Upon execution, the sample phones back to:
best-arts-2010.com - - Email:
hello-arts.com - - Email:
youngfinearts.com - - Email:
newchannelarts.com - - Email:
vrera.com/oms.php - - Email:
allxt.com/borders.php -

Parked at, AS7796 are also:
best-arts-2010.com - Email: aurora@seekrevenue.com
crystaldesignlab.com - Email: tamara.watson@chemist.com
homegraphicarts.com - Email: elizabethj@theplate.com
mediaartsplaza.com - Email: darhom@lendingears.com
morefinearts.net - Email: vdickerson37@yahoo.com
photoartsworld.com - Email: margaret_adams@rocketmail.com
pinehousearts.com - Email: jgaron@physicist.net
sunnyartsite.com - Email: jbowker@blader.com
thefanarts.com - Email: keasler@surferdude.com
waycoolart.com - Email: blynch@net-shopping.com
woodsmayart.com - Email: raymo@songwriter.net
garner.funtaff.com - Email: dph@greentooth.net

Parked at, AS21788 are also:
auctionhouseart.com - Email: emerynancy@ymail.com
bestmalearts.com - Email: mcfarlin@religions.com
coolcatart.com - Email: pbiron@catlover.com
freesurrealarts.com - Email: ghuertas@rocketmail.com
goldfireart.com - Email: thysell@gardener.com
greatmovieart.com - Email: linger@theplate.com
worldartsguide.com - Email: ghagen@allergist.com
install.netwaq.com - Email: admin@overseedomainmanagement.com

Parked at, AS19318 are also:
artscontact.net - Email: mschneider@doctor.com
catbodyart.com - Email: pbiron@catlover.com
feearts.com - Email: breckenridge56@hotmail.com
freeflasharts.com - Email: russell@clubmember.org
gardendesignart.com - Email: jasona@gardener.com
greatflashstudies.com - Email: jdeal@worshipper.com
superlegoarts.com - Email: jdeal@worshipper.com
thedigitalarts.com - Email: hoffman@theaterpillow.com
virginmegaart.com - Email: hoffman@theaterpillow.com

Related malicious domains sharing the same DNS infrastructure:
best-arts-2010.com - Email: aurora@seekrevenue.com
mediasite2010.com - Email: webmaster@pullstraws.com
setlamedia.com - Email: monro@eclipsetool.com
doublesetmedia.com - Email: monro@eclipsetool.com
thetestmedia.com - Email: webmaster@maidnews.com
trinitytestmedia.com - Email: webmaster@maidnews.com
i-metodika.com - Email: facovskiy__n__1977@rambler.ru
moviefactinc.com - Email: usa@crystals.com
newdataltd.com - Email: wenzel@techie.com
new-2010-tube.com - Email: fortney@petlover.com
super-world-tube.com - Email: fortney@petlover.com
real-good-tube.com - Email: fortney@petlover.com
green-real-tube.com - Email: sanctim59@yahoo.com
sensual-tube.com - Email: sanctim59@yahoo.com
webfilmoffice.com - Email: pam@skunkalert.com
localmediasearch.com - Email: mega@stockdvds.com
mediaonsearch.com - Email: mega@stockdvds.com
mesghal.com - Email: shahnamgolshany@yahoo.com
mydvdinfo.com - Email: usa@crystals.com
importedfoodscorp.com - Email: apompeo@importedfoodscorp.com
newhavenfiles.com - Email: wenzel@techie.com
excellentutilites.com - Email: wentexkino@ymail.com
livingwithdragons.com - Email: gregory@lamerton.ltd.uk
dvddatadirect.com - Email: friese@toke.com
itlist.com - Email: support@gossimer.biz
gossimer.net - Email: support@gossimer.biz

Following the bogus dropper, the cybercriminals are also directly serving client-side exploits to users seeking for security related content. In this case, the exploits/malware are served from xoxipemej.cn/gr/s1/ - - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com.

- Detection rate:
.exe - Rootkit.Agent.AJDR, Result: 20/42 (47.62%)
File size: 53760 bytes
MD5...: 23244c5b5b02fab65b3a7ab51005fd51
SHA1..: a5f1a10344378f2c8f13c266dce39247ba3bae5f

Parked on the same IP, AS24940 are also:
2011traff.com - Email: MillieDiaz4@aol.com
2011-traff.com - Email: MillieDiaz4@aol.com
bbbinvestigation.org - Email: accounting@moniker.com
best-sofa-choice.com - Email: migray71@yahoo.com
celloffer-2015.com - Email: migray71@yahoo.com
flying-city-2011.com - Email: migray71@yahoo.com
jiujitsufgua.com - Email: varcraft@care2.com
jopaduloz.cn - Email: qing_hongwei@126.com
lokexawan.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com
mapozeloq.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com
melonirmonianmonia.com - Email: accounting@moniker.com
mivaqodaz.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com
nasnedofweiggyt.com - Email: roller_59@hotmail.com
redolopip.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com
redspot2010.com - Email: migray71@yahoo.com
rohudufoj.cn - Email: qing_hongwei@126.com
sujelodos.cn - Email: qing_hongwei@126.com
traff2011.com - Email: MillieDiaz4@aol.com
traff-2012.com - Email: MillieDiaz4@aol.com
uweyujem.com - Email: resumemolars@live.com
viwuvefot.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com
wkeuhryyejt.com - Email: excins@iname.com
xoxipemej.cn - Email: shiwei_fang77@126.com

Last, but not least is the scareware infection taking place through www1.warezforyou24.co.cc/?p=p52 -;;; Parked on these IPs is also an extensive portfolio of related scareware domains.

- Detection rate:
packupdate107_231.exe - Suspicious:W32/Malware!Gemini, Result: 3/42 (7.15%)
File size: 238080 bytes
MD5...: 93517875c59ac33dab655bc8432b0724
SHA1..: 774af049406baeef3427b91a2d67ee0250b2b51b

Upon execution the sample phones back to:
update2.cleanupyoursoft.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
update1.soft-cleaner.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
secure1.smartavz.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
report.mygoodguardian.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
www5.securitymasterav.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
update2.soft-cleaner.net - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
report.mytrueguardian.net - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
secure2.smartavz.net - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
update1.free-guard.com - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
report.mygoodguardian.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
update1.soft-cleaner.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
www5.securitymasterav.com - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
update2.soft-cleaner.net - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl
report.mytrueguardian.net - - Email: gkook@checkjemail.nl

The cybercrime-friendly domains portfolio is in a process of getting suspended.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev's blog. Follow him on Twitter.
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