Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summarizing 3 Years of Research Into Cyber Jihad

From the "been there, actively researched that" department.
  1. Tracking Down Internet Terrorist Propaganda
  2. Arabic Extremist Group Forum Messages' Characteristics
  3. Cyber Terrorism Communications and Propaganda
  4. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyber Terrorism
  5. Current State of Internet Jihad
  6. Analysis of the Technical Mujahid - Issue One
  7. Full List of Hezbollah's Internet Sites
  8. Steganography and Cyber Terrorism Communications
  9. Hezbollah's DNS Service Providers from 1998 to 2006
  10. Mujahideen Secrets Encryption Tool
  11. Analyses of Cyber Jihadist Forums and Blogs
  12. Cyber Traps for Wannabe Jihadists
  13. Inshallahshaheed - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are
  14. GIMF Switching Blogs
  15. GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down
  16. GIMF - "We Will Remain"
  17. Wisdom of the Anti Cyber Jihadist Crowd
  18. Cyber Jihadist Blogs Switching Locations Again
  19. Electronic Jihad v3.0 - What Cyber Jihad Isn't
  20. Electronic Jihad's Targets List
  21. Teaching Cyber Jihadists How to Hack
  22. A Botnet of Infected Terrorists?
  23. Infecting Terrorist Suspects with Malware
  24. The Dark Web and Cyber Jihad
  25. Cyber Jihadist Hacking Teams
  26. Two Cyber Jihadist Blogs Now Offline
  27. Characteristics of Islamist Websites
  28. Cyber Traps for Wannabe Jihadists
  29. Mujahideen Secrets Encryption Tool
  30. An Analysis of the Technical Mujahid - Issue Two
  31. Terrorist Groups' Brand Identities
  32. A List of Terrorists' Blogs
  33. Jihadists' Anonymous Internet Surfing Preferences
  34. Sampling Jihadists' IPs
  35. Cyber Jihadists' and TOR
  36. A Cyber Jihadist DoS Tool
  37. GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down
  38. Mujahideen Secrets 2 Encryption Tool Released
  39. Terror on the Internet - Conflict of Interest
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