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The Relevance and Irrelevance of CIA's Vault 7 Cyber Weapons Arsenal - An In-depth OSINT Analysis

In a World dominated by buzz words such as military defense contractors entering the World of cyber warfare through the supposedly proposed cyber weapons inventory that they could supply to their clients and a multi-tude of third-party cyber weapon and legal surveillance type of solution providers it shouldn't be surprising that the CIA's most recently launched Center for Cyber Intelligence including the actual existence of the CIA's Information Operations Center which is responsible for producing and actually working on the production and release of nation-grade cyber weapons are already making a decent portion of contribution to the U.S Intelligence Community of terms of building and actually working on high-profile and nation-grade cyber weapons thanks to a recently released and leaked by Wikileaks archive of CIA cyber weapon documents. In this post I'll offer an in-depth discussion and analysis on the relevance and irrelevance of CIA's cyber weapons program