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While it seems that it takes a publicly traded Internet filtering company to come up with quite some creativity, it's always coming back to the community to break through the FUD and release a PoC Malware Search Engine.

The concept is great, excluding the dark web(closed behind authentication, and basic crawler blocking approaches), but what bothers me besides all the fuss is that it's a signature based approach taking advantage of the most recent Google's crawl of the Web. 0day malware naturally remains undetected, while it's a great way to sum up the percentage of infections with known malware on different domains/hosts, given you know what and where to look for. It's not the binary nature of a malware to emphasize on, but today's malware released under a GPL license, an issue I stated as a key factor for the future growth of malware at the beginning of 2006. I also came across to an article pointing out the same problem :

"Open tools and techniques have found favor among an unlikely community. Malware writers are using open-source ideas and tools to share malicious code, collaborate, and wreak online mayhem, the security firm McAfee said in a report issued Monday. Cyber criminals are making available source code with documentation so that it can be easily modified using popular open-source project management tools like Content Versioning System (CVS), thus giving malware creation a high degree of efficiency, said McAfee’s Global Threat Report for 2006."

To keep the discussion going by the time I release a summary of what I've been coming across for quite a while -- tons of bot source codes available on the public Web, barely any binaries -- go through previous posts related to the diverse topic as well.

UPDATE : eWeek has a nice article on the topic

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Agobot configuration interface courtesy of Hakin9's "Robot Wars – How Botnets Work".
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