Monday, June 08, 2009

GazTransitStroy/GazTranZitStroy Rubbing Shoulders with Petersburg Internet Network LLC

Following the GazTransitStroy/GazTranZitStroy (; coverage, the gang behind the bogus gas company drilling for insecure PCs across the Web has returned to its roots - St. Petersburg, Russia, with routing services courtesy of PIN-AS Petersburg Internet Network LLC (AS44050) ( :

"descr: Petersburg Internet Network LLC
address: Sedova 80
address: St.-Petersburg, Russia
phone:          +7 812 4483863
fax-no:         +7 812 4483863
person:         Metluk Nikolay Valeryevich
address:        korp. 1a 40 Slavy ave.,
address:        St.-Petersburg, Russia
phone:          +7 812 4483863
fax-no:         +7 812 2683113
Sedova 80
+7 812 4483863

Metluk Nikolay Valeryevich
korp. 1a 40 Slavy ave.,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
+7 812 4483863

Ladoha Anton Vladimirovich
korp. 1a 40 Slavy ave.,
St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 812 4483863

Strukov Evgeny Olegovich
korp. 1a 40 Slavy ave.,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
+7 812 4483863


What's also worth pointing out that is a huge number of of domains operated by GazTransitStroy's customers, and, of course, GazTranzitStroy themselves not only traceroute back to Petersburg Internet Network LLC's network, but also, there's an evident migration to the legitimate NETDIRECT-NET - - - AS2875, as well as to CHINANET-SH CHINANET shanghai province network - -

Combined with the fact that EUROHOST-NET/Eurohost LLC ( - - AS48841 remain an inseparable part of GazTransitStroy's info, clearly indicates the presence of a well known cybercrime powerhouse - the RBN itself.

The following domains (crimeware, live exploits, scareware, you name it they engage in it) maintained by GazTranzitStroy have migrated as follows. From to CHINANET-SH CHINANET shanghai province network - -

loshadinet .com
roselambda .cn
use-sena .cn
peopleopera .cn
forexsec .cn
symphonygold .cn
dreamlitediamond .cn
vilihood .cn
bookadorable .cn
drawingstyle .cn
housedomainname .cn
roomsme .cn
vilasse .cn
workfuse .cn
stakeshouse .cn
financeimprove .cn
lifenaming .cn
travetbeach .cn
schoolh .cn
rainfinish .cn
housevisual .cn
kvk.housevisual .cn
xfln.housevisual .cn
worksean .cn
blogtransaction .cn
liteauction .cn
seamodern .cn
smilecasino .cn
newtransfer .cn
oceandealer .cn
pub.oceandealer .cn
musicdomainer .cn
wowregister .cn
websiteflower .cn
travets .cn
designroots .cn
teamwows .cn
startgetaways .cn
moulitehat .cn
caxf.moulitehat .cn
islandtravet .cn
weekendtravet .cn
resorttravet .cn

litefront .cn
palaceyou .cn
youbonusnew .cn
clubmillionswow .cn
rainjukebox .cn
xuyxuyxuy .cn

From to NETDIRECT-NET - - - AS28753, interestingly, the DNS servers for the following domains are diversifying at and

freeantivirusplus09 .com
realantivirusplus09 .com
getantivirusplus09 .com
smartantivirusplus09 .com
addedantivirusonline .com
addedantivirusstore .com
addedantiviruslive .com
addedantiviruspro .com
countedantiviruspro .com
plusantiviruspro .com
myplusantiviruspro .com
addedantivirus .com
youraddedantivirus .com
bestaddedantivirus .com
easyaddedantivirus .com
yourcountedantivirus .com
bestcountedantivirus .com
yourplusantivirus .com
easyplusantivirus .com
yourguardonline .cn
easydefenseonline .cn
bestprotectiononline .cn
freecoveronline .cn
atioqe .cn
yourguardstore .cn
mycheckdiseasestore .cn
examinepoisonstore .cn
freecoverstore .cn
myexaminevirusstore .cn
bestexaminedisease .cn
yourfriskdisease .cn
easyfriskdisease .cn
friskdiseaselive .cn
bestdefenselive .cn
bigprotectionlive .cn
bigcoverlive .cn
examineillnesslive .cn
exodih .cn
suxpymi .cn
aciazi .cn
yourfriskinfection .cn
easyserviceprotection .cn
easyincomeprotection .cn
easypersonalprotection .cn
easybestprotection .cn
myascertainpoison .cn
yourguardpro .cn
refugepro .cn
mycheckdiseasepro .cn
ascertaindiseasepro .cn
yourcheckpoisonpro .cn
easycheckpoisonpro .cn
yourfriskviruspro .cn
myascertainviruspro .cn
fegbywo .cn
feptuaq .cn
myexamineillness .cn
exousyt .cn
newguard2u .cn
freedefense2u .cn
bigdefense2u .cn
bestcover2u .cn
newguard4u .cn
mydefense4u .cn
bestcover4u .cn
newguard4you .cn
mydefense4you .cn
bestcover4you .cn
yourguardforyou .cn
newguardforyou .cn
myguardforyou .cn
freedefenseforyou .cn
mydefenseforyou .cn
bestcoverforyou .cn

The ongoing affiliation with EUROHOST-NET/Eurohost LLC ( - - AS48841, and the migration of domains (scareware, live exploits, crimeware etc.) as follows. From to EUROHOST-NET/Eurohost LLC:

nicdaheb .cn
sehmadac .cn
ralcofic .cn
bikpakoc .cn
xidsasuc .cn
koqsuyod .cn
tozxiqud .cn
bowselaf .cn
cuzlumif .cn
porgacig .cn
hifgejig .cn
rogkadej .cn
sipcojeq .cn
silzefos .cn
popyodiw .cn
hayboxiw .cn
peskufex .cn
ridmoyey .cn
cakpapaz .cn

What kind of an ISP be maintaining a permanent Under Construction page and engage in Zeus and live exploit serving activities on the same IP as its web server? EUROHOST-NET/Eurohost LLC is one of them:

"person: Mikhail Ignatyev
address: off. 1, 81 Frunze str.,
phone: +38 093 079 00 32
address: Evpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine

At ( we also have parked, serving a deja-vu account suspended message - "This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources." as well as, with another account suspended message despite its previous involvement in Zeus crimeware campaigns in January, 2009 (ramshanabc .ru/ferrari/main.bin; ramshanabc .ru/ferrari/main.bin).

Besides these domains, several others, again registered to are known to have been maintaining running Zeus crimeware campaigns as well:

grafjasqq .ru/kiew/kiew.cfg
heliskamm .ru/kiew5.cfg
mamaloki .ru/dir2.cfg489
mamaloki .ru/kiew3.cfg
nionalku .ru/dir5.cfg
nionalku .ru/kiew6.cfg

Still not convinced in how malicious their intentions really are? The phone number (+7 928 7867612) used in the registrations of these domains was most recently used in a spammed Zeus crimeware campaign impersonating Western Union.

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