Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cybercriminals Offer High Quality Plastic U.S Driving Licenses/University ID Cards

Continuing the series of blog posts profiling the most recent underground market propositions for high quality fake passports/IDs/documents, in this post, I'll emphasize on a cybercrime-friendly vendor that's exclusively targeting the U.S market.

Go through previous research into the market for fake passports/IDs/documents:
Offering fake plastic driving licenses for over 25+ U.S States, including student IDs for major U.S Universities for a static price of $150, the vendor not just currently outperforms competing vendors in terms of quality in this particular market segment -- within the cybercrime-friendly community in question -- but also, is already receiving recommendations from other cybercriminals to raise the price of his underground market 'asset', indicating penetration pricing in action.

Payment methods accepted? Bitcoin, Western Union and Moneygram.

Sample underground market ad:
[VENDOR's NAME REDACTED] has over 25+ states on tap, along with 'secondaries' to offer, all of of which and are high quality, meaning in-state without issue, in most cases. All IDs contain UV (where applicable as some states don't), multispec-hologram, 1D/2D barcode and/or magstripe that will scan/swipe to read DMV/AAMVA license standard.

The vendor is requiring the following data from his potential customers:
Name - First, MI, Last
Hair Color
Eye color
Driver License number - if a number isn't provided one will be randomly generated
Endorsements and/or Restrictions - if not included these will be left blank
Scanned signature - if not provided you will receive a generic font signature

*****More\Less info may be required depending on the state requested

Scanned passport picture - no webcam pictures can be accepted.

If you cannot get a real passport picture and have a decent camera, please take a pic from the chest up against a white background/drywall with the flash 'ON'. I will handle the cropping aspect. Also try to have good lighting and when scanning use high resolution. You may also upload a signature. I ask that this be written using a black sharpie style pen to achieve the best results.

You may upload this info to or the file-sharing site of your choosing and forward me the download link. I will confirm reception via email and you order will begin processing. All IDs are 150USD with incentive to group buys. Payment can be made via BTC, WU, Moneygram. Payment will be collected upon completion and approval of your order.

Sample screenshots of the service's current 'inventory':

The market for fake passports/IDs/documents is prone to flourish, as more cybercriminals demand both, scanned, and plastic fake IDs to be later one abused in related fraudulent schemes. Naturally, the market is quick to supply, and those who excel in their Operational Security and quality of the underground market 'assets', will begin occupying a decent market share within this underground market segment.