Big Brother in the Restroom

Wikes! This is nasty, and while the porn industry has commercialized the idea a long time ago, I never imagined the levels of crime in public restrooms would "reach" levels requiring CCTVs to be installed -- if there's so much vandalism going on in public restrooms, these will definitely get stolen as well, picture the situation! Norway installs surveillance cameras in park restrooms.

Hint : once you get involved in the CCTV irony, I say irony mainly because the dude behind the 40 motion detection and face recognition wall is having another CCTV behind his back, you end up spending tax payers money to cover "blind spots", and end up with a negative ROI while trying to achieve self-regulation, if one matters!

Surveillance and Society's journal still remains the most resourceful publication on surveillance studies and its impact on society.

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