Friday, February 16, 2007

Terrorism and Encryption

Jihadist themed encryption tool -- using "infidel" algorithms :

"The program`s `portability` as an application (not requiring installation on a personal computer) will become an increasingly desirable feature, especially considering the high use of Internet cafe worldwide by pro-terrorist Islamic extremists,' said iDefense Middle East analyst Andretta Summerville. 'Mujahedin Secrets,' which can be downloaded for free, offers 'the five best encryption algorithms, with symmetrical encryption keys (256 bit), asymmetrical encryption keys (2048 bit) and data compression,' according to a translation of a Global Islamic Media Front`s announcement about the software on Jan. 1, provided by Middle East Media Research Institute."

I've previously covered in-depth the topic of steganography and terrorism, and provided an example while assessing the threat -- and hype -- level of the Technical Mujahid. Terrorists have this problem with the infidels, pretty much everything they use starting from the Internet and their cellphone, even software running on a computer is "Made in InfidelLand". So I presume someone's not really comfortable with even encrypting their data with a U.S made PGP software, so re-branding and adding a Jihadist theme seems to be the solution at least when PSYOPS count. More info on the topic.