Thursday, February 01, 2007

PR Storm

Great to see that Mike Rothman and Bill Brenner know how to read between the lines. Here's a related point of view on the Storm Worm - Why do users still receive attachments they are not supposed to click on?

Meanwhile, Eric Lubow (Guardian Digital, have recently joined the security blogosphere and I'll be keeping an eye on his blog for sure -- hope it's mutual. Two more rather fresh blogs worth reading are's one -- how's it going Kev -- and Panda Software's blog. And with PandaLabs now blogging, the number of anti virus vendors without a blog, namely still living in the press release world is getting smaller. I remember the last time I was responsible for writing press releases for a vendor I'd rather not associate myself with, and how Web 1.0 the whole practice was. If you really want to evolve from branding to communicating value, hire a blogger that's anticipating corporate citizenship given he's commissioned, and reboot your PR channels.