Jihadists' Anonymous Internet Surfing Preferences

Jihadists are logically not just interested in encryption and steganography but also, in ways to anonymize their web surfing activities as much as possible. A wannabe jihadist whose tips and recommendations have gained him a lot of reputation around the forums I follow, recently came up with an in-depth article on recommended and reviewed IP cloaking services with direct download links in between. It makes stats like these questionable to a certain extend as I've already pointed out. Among the IP cloaking tools reviewed are :
- Steganos Internet Anonym Pro
- Hide IP Platinum 3.1
- Proxy Switcher Pro
- Invisible Browsing v5.0.52

TOR is, of course, mentioned as well but at the bottom of the article citing performance issues compared to commercial solutions. IP decloaking is not even considered as a concept.


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