Analyses of Cyber Jihadist Forums and Blogs

Where are cyber jihadists linking to, outside their online communities? Which are the most popular file sharing and video hosting services used to spread propaganda, training material and communicate with each other? What are their favorite blogs, and international news sources? How does the Internet look like through the eyes of the cyber jihadist? This post will provide links to cyber jihadist communities, with the idea to aggregate a decent sample of how cyber jihadists use, and abuse the Internet to achieve their objectives. It is based on external URLs extraction of over 5,000 web pages directly related to cyber jihadist communities. The snapshot was obtained during the last 7 days, therefore if you're to data mine the free online data hosting URLs, do so in a timely manner before they dissapear due to one reason or another.

Key summary points :

- Over 4,000 external URLs pointing to suicide bomber's videos, propaganda, warfare, bombings, recruitment, torture videos, and numerous other still not analyzed cyber jihadist forums and blogs
- In between 500 to 600 web pages per domain were crawled based on their last modified data, namely the most current 500 to 600 posts
- The sample consists of 14 jihadist blogs and forums
- Depending on the online file storage service of choice, files will remain online forever if accessed at least once every 30-to-45 days, or by the time they don't get removed due to their nature
- Video multimedia is often released in a multi-video-format fashion, and multi-quality variants with respect to the file size
- The crawled external URLs are in .txt format, in a one full URL per line format

You are what you link to, so let's assess the "tip of the iceberg" cyber jihadist communities online :

Dates : Created 20-nov-2003 ; Updated 15-jun-2007; Expires 20-nov-2007


External URLs : 3asfh.net_vb.txt

Dates : Created 16-aug-200; Updated 16-aug-2006; Expires 16-aug-2011

DNS Servers

External URLs : alsayf.com_forum.txt

Dates : Created 01-dec-2002; Updated 13-mar-2007; Expires 01-dec-2008

External URLs
: egysite.com_al2nsar.txt

Dates : Domain created on 2006-09-15 00:08:38; Domain last updated on 2006-09-15 00:08:39

DNS Servers :;

External URLs : elshouraa.ws_vb.txt

Dates : Created 25-oct-2000; Updated 21-jul-2007; Expires 25-oct-2007


External URLs : muslm.net_vb.txt

06. URL : - DOWN as of yesterday, best sample

Dates : Creation Date: 16-feb-2006; Updated Date: 13-aug-2007; Expiration Date: 16-feb-2009

External URLs

: Created 28-feb-2006; Updated 10-mar-2007; Expires 28-feb-2008


External URLs :

08. URL - Radical Muslim
External URLs

10. URL
External URLs

11. URL
External URLs

12. URL
External URLs

13. URL
External URLs

14. URL
External URLs

Now, it's up to your data mining and crawling capabilities.

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