GIMF Now Permanently Shut Down

That was fast, and we could easily start talking about the average time it took to shut down cyber jihadist communities like these. On Tuesday after I pointed out that it took a month to shut down GIMFs English and German version blogs, and how they've switched to a third one, it's now down too, for less than 48 hours. Limiting cyber jihadists opportunities to operate and develop online communities is directly undermining their supporters' confidence in GIMF's ability to remain online. And despite that the blogs have been around for quite a while taking advantage of an effective one-to-many communication model, they're now finally down. Intact, however, still remain Jihad Fields are Calling! with their eye catching Jihadist Wallpapers Gallery, and the Caravan of Martyrs with another Jihadist Gallery worth checking out, especially the comments within.


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