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534 Biographies of Jihadist Fighters

Published by Dancho Danchev under on August 16, 2007
On the look for patterns of terrorist behaviour researchers often stereotype in order to portrait a terrorist. The Book of Martyrs (compiled in English on June 9th, 2007) is a great OSINT source for analysts and intelligence agencies wanting to obtain data regarding the lifetime or jihadist martyrs, segmented on a per country basis, including photos, poems, interviews, transcripts, and links to multimedia files. Much like the Technical Mujahid E-zine, the Mujahideen Harvest magazine, and the Jihadist Security Encyclopedia, this E-book is a yet another handy source of OSINT data, at least in respect to jihadist social networks :

Therefore, out of these 81 names: 40 are from the Arabian Peninsula, 7 from Yemen, 7 from Syria, 5 from Algeria, 4 from Kuwait, 4 from Iraq, 3 from Turkey, 1 each from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Libya, France and the USA whilst the nationalities of the remainder are unknown. Theses figures correspond to the relative contribution of the Muslim Ummah towards the Jihad in the world today. Sadly, there are hardly any Muslims from Western nationalities and usually they are the most vocal in their slogans for Jihad.

A link to a video entitled "Russian Hell in the year 2000, Jihad in Chechnya Part One" 511MB is included :

"At the time of release of this CD, (July 2000), nine months of the War have passed with no end in sight. Russian casualties stand at over 15,000 killed or missing in action (MIA) and over 30,000 injured. They have lost hundreds of battle tanks, fighting vehicles and trucks and tens of fighter aircraft and helicopter gunships."

To a second video entitled "Russian Hell in the year 2000, Jihad in Chechnya Part Two" :

"Exclusive, live film footage of two martyrdom operations carried out against Russian Barracks in Argun and Gudermes in July 2000 Combat footage of Mujahideen operations, ambushes and remote-control detonation of Russian Military vehicles throughout the Year 2000 Video of the nine OMON troops after they were executed due to the failure of the Russian Government to hand over the Russian War Criminal Colonel Yuri Budanov to the Mujahideen (April 2000)"

And to a third one entitled "The Martyrs of Bosnia Part One and Part Two" :

"This unique video by Azzam Publications, the first of its kind in the English language with real-life combat footage and the first of a four part series, narrates the biographies of some of these magnificent individuals, who sacrificed their own lives in order to bring life to those around them."

Some interesting sections related to ITsecurity and anonymity as well :

- Useful programs to protect personal information on computer and on-line
Tor [Anonymous web-surfing] ; True crypt [File & disk encryption - better than PGP] ; Window Washer [Shred free space and files] ; Spy Sweeper [Spyware remover] ; Avast [Anti-virus protection] ; Outpost [Computer Firewall] ; Winpt [secure encrypted email - better than PGP] ; Ad-aware professional [ Another spyware remover ] ; AbiWord [Open source - Better alternative to Word] ; Enigmail

- Best method to protect your chat!
Use Gaim with OTR plugin and and configure to use TOR network ; Gaim [Encrypt your chat conversations]; Off-the-Record Messaging [OTR Plug-in]

- Must have programs for your USB drive
Mobility Email - Best option for sending secure encrypted emails ; GAIM - for secure chat conversation ; Portable Firefox ; TorPark - for anonymous web browsing ; True Crypt - Best disk encryption & file protection program ; Tutorial for securing a USB drive using True Crypt ; Cyber Shredder : File wiping utility ; ClamWin [Open source anti-Virus Program] ; Greatnews - The Intelligent RSS Reader ; Foxit PDF Reader opens PDF files ; Abiword - full featured open source word processor ; Portable Open Office is really the only option for an Office Suite

Propaganda and twisted reality and its best hosted at Archive.org, courtesy of Azzam Publications.


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