Friday, August 08, 2008

Email Hacking Going Commercial - Part Two

Malware authors seeking financial gains from releasing their trojans often promote them as Remote Access Tools, which if we exclude the built-in anti-sandboxing and antivirus software killing capabilities, could pass for a RAT. In a similar deceptive fashion, email hacking services are pitched as email password recovery services.

Hacking as a Service sites seems to be popping out like mushrooms these days, thanks primarily due to the fact that yesterday's script kiddies are today's entrepreneurs trying to even monetize the process of bruteforcing. Here's their pitch :

"Well.. There is nothing different in our services. Like other group, we simply crack email addresses , and provide you the current password used by the victim to you for a suitable price. Nothing unique that we can brag about....  We don't hack NASA or CIA , we cannot hack a bank and steal a million dollars.. We just crack email password .. AND WE DO A HECK OF A JOB IN IT !! We cannot be as presentable as the other groups, trying to look as formal and corporate, as if they are running a Major Corporate Office. However they present it...password retrieval, online investigation.. access recovery...blah blah blah..  the most simplest way to put it is.. : Email Password Cracking: !! And since everyone else is busy faking it, or trying to be more presentable, we utilize our skills to get you what you want.. i.e. THE EMAIL PASSWORD. No buttering up, no marketing skills..  plain hardcore hacking !! So, since you now know what we do , and want us to do the job for you, please proceed to the order page for your relevant TARGET EMAIL and submit your request. All said and done, we will get the elusive password & send you a couple of proofs. You decide upon the authenticity of the proofs, and let us know if you are comfortable going ahead with the payment. PAY US, AND YOU GET THE PASSWORD !And as they say......."

How much are they charging for the bruteforcing? $150 for starters, which is prone to increase due to their bla bla bla about how sophisticated it was to obtain the password - given they actually manage to deliver the goods : 

"Many groups charge a fixed price for an email cracking. We undertake more kinds of projects than anyone else. Frankly, each email is a different project in itself. We cannot charge you $100, for something which we can do for $50. Subsequently, we cannot charge you $100, for something which should be priced at $200. But we charge a minimum of $150 USD so that we end up taking orders from ONLY those who really need it. It is a small amount for the level of satisfaction, facts/truth and relief that you would ultimately achieve from this.It depends upon the nature of the job, the accessibility factor. and many other reasons likes:-

1- The email service provider
2- The target itself. How net-savvy he/she is.
3- Complexity of the password
4- Urgency of job and many other things collectively.

We will let you know our charges once we have the desired results only. Be assured, we wont charge you the moon. We charge only what we deserve, and is acceptable by you. Trust us !!

Some of their answers to the frequently asked questions :

" - Who are you? Where are you from?
We are Hire2Hack Group. Member of our group are students in information technology, at some university in England, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brasilia and at United States of America.

- What services do you provide?
We can hack ANY EMAIL password for you very fast, reliable, secure and worldwide for a suitable price.

- Can you really hack password or just a making a shit scam?
Well, lot of people, lot of groups, companies do this service, but not guaranteed. This is only you can choose which group you want to Order. Be careful with these people. You can believe only on them who claims to provide proof before you really pay them.

- Is there any tool available to crack password?
Yes there is. And we are not giving it to you.

- How long does it takes to crack a password?
Each account is different and hacking time vary. On average, it might take about 1 to 3 days, but it may take anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days or more depending on how difficult is the hacking of each account.

- How can I believe you, that you got password?
We will provide you some good proofs before requesting you to pay us. The proof can be anything, you can decide what kind proof you need.

- Is there person will know that his/her email id has been cracked?
No, we provide you only the original password. That mean the current active password. Your victim/target will not realized that she/he has been hacked. NEVER, we said !

- How I will pay you, I do not have credit card or I do not want to give my credit card number on net?
Well, you can use international money transfer service such as Western Union ( or Money Gram ( These services immediate transfer money on same day or same hour. You can locate their agents in yours area from their website.

- Do I have to give you my password?
No. Any service which requires your password is simply trying to scam you out of access to your account.

- How will I know you really have the password?
We will show you the proofs.. which are mostly convincing.

- Since you have the password anyway, will you give it to me?
NO. Do not waste your time or ours. We will not release the password until full payment is made - no exceptions. We have had people request our service and once we recover the password, they reset the subject account then ask us for the original password so they can reset it back - the answer will be no. We have also had people ask if they could have the password since we've already recovered it and they cannot pay - the answer will be no. No password will be released until payment has been made in full - no exceptions.

- Will you recover more than one password? Can I request more than one email account?
Yes, but a separate request must be filled out for each one as you will only be billed for each successful recovery. If we have previously recovered a password for you and you have not paid, we will not begin any new request for you until your previous request is paid in full with exceptions for our established clientele. We charge at minimum US $100 for each account hacked.

- Do you reset or change the current password?
No. We do not try to guess the current password or the secret question's answer, we do not change their password. We give you only the Original password, which the victim is currently using.

- Is this confidential? Do you share my information with anyone else?
No, Not at all, Not in any case, its a trust between you and us. Your information will be respected as long as you abide by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy. We keep your personal records and requests confidential in our database but we respect your right to privacy and will not rent, share, sell, or trade any personal information unless required by law. But, if you engage in any spamming or fraudulent actives, Your information will be given to the appropriate authorities.

So you've got script kiddies cracking email addresses and probably engaging in the rest of the usual cybercrime activities, who are spam sensitive, and would expose their customers if they start spamming from the cracked emails? Now that's socially responsible, isn't it.

Targeted attacks are sexy, but bruteforcing email accounts no matter the number of proxies and wordlists that they have access to is so irrelevant, that social engineering a potential victim into infecting herself with malware through a live exploit URL seems to be the method of choice, next to a plain simple phishing email of course. In this case, what they're asking for in respect to the victim's details is the victim's country and victim's language, so that a localized social engineering or phishing attack can take place. However, this particular group seems to be using a standard bruteforcing tool.

One thing's for sure - cybercrime is getting easier to outsource, and with potential customers starting to have access to services they didn't a couple of years ago, fake scammers are also emerging in between the real ones.

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