Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fake Security Software Domains Serving Exploits

Psychological imagination, "think cybercriminals" mentality or scenario building intelligence, seem to always produce the results they are supposed to. On Monday, I pointed out that :

"Ironically, the participant in the affiliate program whose original objective was to drive traffic to the fake security software's site, may in fact start receiving so much traffic due to the combination of traffic acquisition tactics, that introducing client-side exploits courtesy of a third-party affiliate network, may in fact prove more profitable then the revenue sharing partnership with the rogue security software's vendor at the first place."

The next day, client-side exploits start getting introduced "in between" the fake security software sites :

"I've blogged before about the problem of Google Adwords pushing Antivirus XP Antivirus 2008. The situation is still ongoing.  However, it's taken a turn for the worse, as these XP Antivirus pages are pushing exploits to install malware on the users system. This will also affect the many syndicators of Google Adwords."

The domain in question - ( is hosting the binary at bestantivirus2009 .com/setup_1096_MTYwM3wzNXww_.exe and has an IFRAME pointing to huytegygle .com/index.php (

Here's another example with an IFRAME pointing to a different location - /~ave/etc/count.php?o=16.

Despite that these domains are part of the "International Virus Research Lab" fake domains portfolio, it remains to be seen whether others will start multitasking as well.

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