Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Copycat Web Malware Exploitation Kits in the Wild

We're slowly entering into "can you find the ten similarities" stage in respect to web malware exploitation kits, and their coders continuous supply of copycat malware kits under different names, taking advantage of different exploits combination. Copycat web malware exploitation kits are faddish, however, from a strategic perspective, releasing exploits kits like this one covered by Trustedsource, consisting entirely of PDF exploits, can greatly increase the exploitability level of Adobe vulnerabilities in general.

A similar web malware exploitation kit, once again using only Adobe related exploits is Zopa. Have you seen this layout before? That's the very same layout MPack and IcePack were using, were in the sense of cybercriminals preferring to use much mode modular alternatives these days. Ironically, Zopa is more expensive than MPack and IcePack, with the coder trying to cash-in on its biased exclusiveness and introduction stage buzz generated around it.

The second web malware exploitation kit is relying on a mix of exploits targeting patched vulnerabilities affecting IE, Firefox and Opera, with its authors asking for $50 for monthly updates, updates of what yet remains unknown. Both of these kits once again demonstrate the current  mentality of the kit's coders having to do with -- thankfully -- zero innovation, fast cash and no long-term value.

However, modularity, convergence with traffic management kits, vertical integration with cybercrime services and bullet proof hosting providers, advanced metrics, evasive practices, improved OPSEC (operational security), and dedicated cybercrime campaign optimizing staff, are all in the works.

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