Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Diverse Portfolio of Fake Security Software - Part Six

Thanks to misconfigured traffic management kits, not taking advantage of all the built-in features that could have made a research a little bit more time consuming, here are the latest fake security software domains popping up at the end of fake adult content sites :

anti-spyware8 .com
anti-spyware4 .com
anti-spyware11 .com
anti-spyware10 .com

antivirus-cs1 .com
antivirus-cs14 .com
antivirus-cs4 .com
antivirus-cs15 .com
antivirus-cs5 .com
antivirus-cs7 .com
antivirus-cs8 .com
antivirus-cs9 .com
trustedpaymenssite .com
altawebgl-500 .com
masterspitetds09 .com
protectionaudit .com
prt3ctionactiv3scan .com
prtectionactivescan .com
smartantivirusv2 .com
smartantivirus2009v2 .com
smartantivirus2009v2-buy .com
smartantivirus-2009v2buy .com
smart-antivirus2009v2buy .com
anti-virus-xp .com
anti-virus-xp .net
e-antiviruspro .com
ultimate-anti-virus .com
antimalwarewarrior2009 .com

spyware-buy .com
superantivirus2009 .com
total-secure2009 .com
pcprivacycleanerpro .com
bestguardownload .com
trustedantivirus .com
antivirus-buy1 .com
spyware-quickscan-2008 .com
securealertbar .com
secureclick1 .com
megantivirus2009 .com
micro-antivirus2008 .com
superantivirus2009 .com
advanced-anti-virus .com 
antivirusmaster2009 .com 
scanner-online1 .com
internet-scanner2009 .com
filescheck-list303 .com
virus-webscanner .com
virus9-webscanner .com
spamnuker .com
detect-file101 .com
googlescanners-360 .com
onlinescannersite9 .com
bestantivirusscan .com
hottystars .com
internet-defenses .com
globals-advers .com
quickupdates29 .com
myscanners101 .com
myfreescan500 .com
scanthnet .com
scanners-pro .com
megatradetds0 .com
xp-licensingpages .com
bestantivirusscan .com

power-avc .com
pvrantivirus .com
online-xp-antivirus-checker .com
antivir-online-scan .com
online-win-xpantivirus .com
tube-911 .com
favoredmovie .com
getqtysoftware .com
softwareportal2008 .com
megazcodec .com
soft-upgrade-network .com
download-base .com
fastsoftdownloads .com
software-downloadz .com
download-soft-basez .com
plupdate .com
0scan .com
virus-online-scan .com
0scanner .com
porno-tds .com
jirolu .com
virus-online-scanz .com
red-tubbe .info
win-xp-antivir-hqscanne .com
xp-protections .com
xp-registration .com
xp2008-protect .com
getdefender2009 .com
gettotalsec2008 .com
msantivirus-xp .com
xp-licensingpages .com
protectionpurchase .com
winxp-antivir-on-line-scan .com
antispychecker .com
errorofbrowser .com
fresh-video-news .com
newschannel2008 .com
internet--daily-news .com
secure.signupsecurity .com
xpacodec .com
xpbcodec .com
gmkvideo .com
hqsextube08 .com
antivirusworld9 .com
viacodecright1 .com
viacodecright2 .com
quickupdates29 .com
antivirusworld9 .com
scanthnet .com
city-codec .com
citycodec .net
codecdownload.anothersoftportal09 .com
viacodecright2 .com
sextubecodec023dfs41 .com
hot-sextubedriver2 .com
viacodecright2 .com

The Diverse Portfolio of Fake Security Software series are prone to continue taking a bite out of cybercrime, and the people who distribute them on a affiliation based revenue sharing model.

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