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Inside a Money Laundering Group's Spamming Operations

Published by Dancho Danchev under , , , , , , , , on May 26, 2009
UPDATE: The command and control domain has been taken care of courtesy of the brisk response of OC3 Networks Abuse Team.

Next to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness centered cybercriminals having anticipated the outsourcing (Cybercrime-as-a-Service) model a long time ago, there are those self-serving groups of cybercriminals which engage in literally each and every aspect of cybercrime - money mule recruiters in this very specific case.

What do the known money laundering aliases such as Value Trans Financial Group, Inc. (valuetrans.biz); Advance Finance Group LLC (af-g.net); ABP Capital (abpcapital.com); Premium Financial Services (advance-financial-products.org); eTop Group Inc. (etop-groupli.cc); Liberty Group Inc. (libertygroup.cc); Eagle Group Inc. (eaglegroupmain.cn); Star Group Inc. (eagle-group.net); DBS Group Inc. (dbs-group.cn); FB&B Group Inc. (fbb-groupli.cc); Advance Finance Group LLC (af-g.net); DC Group Inc. (dc-group.cn); IBS Group Inc. (ibsgroup.cc; ibsgroupli.cn) and FCB Group Inc. (fcb-group.cc) have in common?

It's a 31,000 infected hosts botnet which they use exclusively for spamming.

The money laundering organization describes itself as:
"The company was set up in 1990 in New York, the USA by three enthusiasts who have financial education. The head of the company was Karl Schick. At the very beginning of its business activity the company provided fairly narrow range of services at the investment market. Within 15 years of hard work the company has acquired international standing and managed to develop into a global financial holding with the staff of 3,000 people and headquarters in more than 100 countries of the world."

Interestingly, on the majority of occasions cybercriminals tend to undermine the level of operational security that they could have achieved at the first place, and this is one of those cases where their misconfigured botnet command and control allows other cybercriminals to hijack their botnet, and security researchers to shut it down effectively.

The people behind this money laundering organization are either lazy, or ignorant to the point where the botnet's command and control interface would be using the very same web server that they use for recruitment purposes.

Here are some screenshots of their command and control interface used exclusively for spam campaigns:

The domain is registered to supp3ortnewest@safe-mail.net and the DNS services are courtesy of one.goldwonderful9.info; ns.partnergreatest8.net; back.partnergreatest8.net; two.goldwonderful9.info which are the de-facto DNS servers for a huge number of related and separate money laundering brand portfolios (the quality of the historical CYBERINT on behalf of Bobbear is the main reason why commissioned DDoS attacks were hitting the site last year).

Taking down the group's command and control domain is in progress.