Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5th SMS Ransomware Variant Offered for Sale

"Your system has been blocked because it is running a pirated copy of Windows. In order to unblock it, enter the activation code sent to you by SMS-ing the following number."

Demand and emerging business models based on micro-payment ransom meet supply, with yet another SMS-based ransomware variant offered for sale ($25). Just like in previous underground market propositions, this one comes with a value-added service in the form of managed undetected binaries on a daily basis for an extra $5 for an undetected copy. It's worth pointing out that due to the customization offered, their original layouts and the error messages will look a lot different once their customers get hold of the ransomware.

Key features include:
- protecting against repeated infection through Mutex
- pops-up on the top of all windows
- disables safe mode, as well as possible key combinations attempting to bypass the window
- adds itself as a trusted executable/excluded one in Windows Firewall
- variety of non-intrusive auto-starting/executable injecting capabilities
- Rotx encryption for the activation codes
- ability to embedd more than one activation code
- monitors and automatically blocks process names of tools that could allow removal
- complete removal of the code from the system once the correct activation code is entered
- zero detection rate of a sampled binary -- of course the advertiser is biased and he didn't bother including reference to the service he used (Virustotal, etc.)

Despite several isolated cases where the originally Russian-based ransomware is affecting international English-speaking users, the campaigns are primarily targeting Russian speaking users -- at least for the time being until the malware authors or their customers start localizing it. This emerging micro-payment ransomware business model is the direct result of largely unregulated market segments allowing literally anyone to get hold of a premium and automatically managed number in order to facilitate it.

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