Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's the ROI on Going to a Virtual Blackhat SEO School?

For years, fraudulent or purely malicious actors have been abusing the online advertising market, by directly hijacking and redirecting the revenue flow, or by successfully and efficiently hijacking as much percentage of legitimate search traffic as possible, and monetizing it through the use of blackhat SEO (search engine optimization) tactics/shady affiliate networks.

Monetizing the very monetization process? Standardizing the revenue generation, and knowledge spreading streams, achieving efficiencies in the process, and directly contributing to a new, this time better trained/educated generation of Blackhat SEO-ers? Someone he's knowingly or unknowingly on a mission. A mission with a brand.

In this post, I'll profile a highly successful blackhat SEO 'school" that promises the Moon, but asks for nothing except $1,000 for the training course, which will turn you into a sophisticated blackhat SEO expert, netting you huge amounts of money.

Operating in the open since 2010, the service is currently (2013) asking for $350, presumably to keep the new customers flow going. Since it's initial launch data, the business model has been relying on a loyal set of people who already "took" the course, and continue making money up to present day. A loyalty and happy customer "feedback" best demonstrated by featuring exclusive screenshots courtesy of the happy customers.

Initial forum advertisement:
Welcome to the forum millionaires! So, I decided, now I will welcome the new students.

And you know why?

My course, and our forum for more than two years, and during that time has accumulated a huge pile of reviews with the statistics. Wondered how many of my students have earned over 2 years on my course?

And it turned out that except cars, apartments, purely according to PP, pupils together earned 17 million rubles! And it is only those who have shown their statistics. And I think in 2 years they could make a few more millions. (Figure is slightly inaccurate to 9 lines in a notebook I got tired and started to round + decided not to take into account the 3,000,000 earnings per pupil)

In two years, we have made dozens of millionaires in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Their lives changed immediately, as soon as they hit the family. People sitting in debt in a few months to buy a new car.

People are sitting at their desks yesterday brought home two monthly salaries parents, and explained that it is unashamedly from the Internet, it is their earnings!

People who are already my course have been very successful become even more successful. The forum is stable enough people who earn a day 50-60 thousand rubles. This is not theoretical, not uncle in suits, this is the same young guys like you or me.

Although I must admit, the forum is and uncle in suits for 30-40 years, primarily to get through doorways capital to support their business.

And all these people realize that they are family, friends, and they willingly associate, dividing their experiences, secrets! Access to the course - it is a unique opportunity to touch the thought of successful people, to breathe the same air with them, get their energy and join the ranks of millionaires.

As early as the year, the forum has two tech support, and username, people are few easy counseled hundreds of students and even if they did not do dory - would know what the perfect doorway.

BUT! They do work, make Dora always advise how to make your doorway even better answer the most stupid question, and will lead to the most stable earnings.

Now, if you are reading these lines and think that $ 1000 for access and the opportunity to become a millionaire in 24\7 support from a support, for the opportunity to be in the new family is expensive, I never selling you access.

We need people who value themselves, their money and time. If $ 1,000 seems to you a great price, then you will never become a millionaire from the internet and you simply do not want my family.

Imagine you paid $ 1,000 in the bank say, come back every day to ask questions and get a month - $ 100,000, it is tempting? Here's a bank - this is our forum. And 80 pages of reviews stands surety for this bank.

You may think, but what for me is all good topic no one will sell!

And I grieve you, it's not the topic, not the scheme, not the holy grail, it's work. Work by a support forum and make it so simple that you will forget the times when you have not worked with doorways.
A successful guys will charge you so much energy that the work will be for you the best thing in life. You're going to sleep at 4:00, waking up in the middle of the night with burning eyes, watch as your dorveychiki live there, and how many thousands have already dripped while you were sleeping.
Through it all the disciples, and I think they would give, and 10 and 100 thousand dollars to get through it again.

But there is a dump in a Public Forum, everything is - you say.

And I'll tell you the story of how one day I lost the backup of offline and restored the forum 15 minutes ago from what it was last time. And it was a huge mistake! Lost about 50 messages, 12 topics and 5-6 blog posts! The disciples were indignant. On our forum mad update rate, and dump the last year and the relevance of information out there already in negative degrees and I am afraid that only harms doorways.

But I can learn myself! Yes you can, spend a few years on independent learning.

And you can put a time out and spend $ 1000 on an active training week and immediately makes the doorways correctly. Once again, we are waiting for our club anonymous millionaires of people who know the value of money and his own time, who want to invest in yourself, earn, and not break your head against the wall, when there are people who will show how to get around.

Course can be purchased on the preliminary interview in ICQ price - $ 1000.

And remember, we are, we need special people, very few of them, they are people who are willing to invest in yourself and do not try to save yourself cheaply though. So I throw in ICQ to ignore anyone who asks me for a discount or credit. I understand that in spite of the 80-page review, you may be unsure if it will work with you. Therefore, we give a new guarantee manibeka. If two weeks you feel - that doorway - it's not yours, we will refund the money and pay the top 5 million rubles, for what you have spent your time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Good day, and now its time to answer all the questions a novice who wants to buy a course to dot the i, made to understand that he buys, he will get what may dobitsya.Nus's begin.

1.Chem we do?

Black seo.Dorvei.Dory are very flexible and tenacious tool for earnings, its flexibility due to the variety of topics and types of monetization, and vitality - the existence of PS, and how long will exist as long as the search engines will be using dory. We produce traffic, ie the users, ie the people, the traffic is the blood in the veins of the internet, and this is the main advantage that dorveyschik unlike white SEOs can in a short time to break a lot more traffa a completely different subjects and to merge it back where it needs . in a simple version of all is:
1.Registriruemsya an affiliate program, it gives you the choice of partner sites of some topics (topics vary from porn and finishing all kinds of divination), statistics (to track kollvo coming to your site, paid for kollvo, Colva who have come again).
2.Delaem doorway, we find:
- Thematic traffistye quality keys (which are appropriate to the site subject we took from PP)
- Template
- Text
All this is described in detail in the course and on the forum.
3.Zalivaem doorway to shell
4.Zhdem 4.3 apa (an - update Yandex search results, also known as SERP, quite by chance, usually up to one week, sometimes more)
5.Poluchaem traff and accordingly money.
Well this is just a simple and obvious option, work with SMS affiliate, to start - the fact that many small minded people to talk about the thousandth time of death doorways as income, just because of the changes in the SMS payment, it's wrong, it's stupid, it's self-deception to deceive drugih.I as, say, we have learned to produce traffic, our traffic started to give Dora and now we have to redirect it somewhere ie merge and convert / convert into money, a lot of options:
1.Partnerki with sms payment, the most obvious and as I wrote the best option to start.
2.Partnerki pay-per-download and install the file, such PP a lot, and they are all different, from the fact that you are paying for the jump and the malicious Trojan or whether something like that, to quite formal type of games WORLD of-tanks, Yandex bars etc. and tp.Imeya large amounts of traffic (which is the second task dorveyschika, increase the volume of traffic) in the first and in the second option holders PP will take you with open arms and make bonuses.
3.Svoi online shopping and platniki.V this topic a little feedback from these guys, as many prefer to work with SMS and other PP, but byvali.Odin met some of the students at comrade serche, he did an Internet jewelry store and the problem was my student in the production of traffic, he quickly picked up, done and grabbed a piece of the profit.
All that I wrote just for you to understand, I teach mine traffic, targeted traffic from search engines, I would suggest the best methods of monetization, by which usually fight off the course, but never forget that you have a great opportunity to go and grab a piece of the traffa on desired topics with Yandex and merge where necessary.

2.Navernoe topic died, bought her so much, so long existed, much is competition?

I am for all the time of sale of the course has experienced the death of a thousand and one as the reward scheme, but that's amazing, for some reason all those who want to - successfully earn dorah.Chto for competition - in dorah very high turnover, namely Dora always fly into the index ( Yandex search) and flew over, it's all backed by the characteristic features of the behavior dorveyschika and dorveyschik often tasting dough, he realized how easily make dory, does pack and walk yourself getting denyuzhki, leaving room for other results.

3.Zachem you sell?

That's what I do - called infobiznesom admit, when all this started, I such a word and znal.Est two concepts, with which you can ever accurately explain the infobiznesa, information and insider information autsayder.Kogda-long ago, when I was dramas and gathering information about them bit by bit on various forums - I was an outsider, I was not available methods that can quickly lead to success, and everything had to be found by experiment, my first income from went after 3 months and a naked enthusiasm nadezhdy.Pokupaya course you get insider information, which is called the bat, straight to the kitchen where everything is cooked, I do not sell super flow sheet, I only give an opportunity and take it for a fee, sell their time and, in recent years, more and more nerves, which is why, in order to maintain this non-renewable resource, and I wrote it, do not be lazy, read.

4.Kak guarantee that I Otobaya course?

No! Absolutely! Absolutely no, When we first started selling rate - while I was still able to provide guarantees to score reviews, to prove to everyone that the theme works, but now - no, no way! Your warranty - you, your desire, hard work , commitment - that guarantee it, I can not guarantee anything I can not and will not, often when a person writes me word guarantee, he wants me to take responsibility for his lazy ass over - No, I'm sorry.

5.Malenky advice, how to effectively master the course and see if it fits you at all.

My experience learning heaps different people, still divided them into two types, this is a huge difference, the gap between the two approaches to learning, results in a huge gap in the success of these students.
The first type: people with pure slave mentality, they need to stick, do not explain, do not need to seek understanding, just poke, push there, click here.
How he thinks: Suppose we make a template for Dora, and we need to write deksripshen, deskripshen - description of the site which comes out at the bottom under the link, his task - to give information about the page and encourage people to move to tyknut ie sayt.On asks me what write here, I explain what it is and I say write something that would please you, and you would make pereyti.On in a stupor, he can not think and can not even offer the option, he just wants me to tell him that there napisat.Eto not right!
The second type: The second type is often trying to organize all the information in the first place to understand how things work, and there are already having a solid foundation and framework - to batter me with questions and to increase their knowledge, for example of the first type, the second type, after hearing deskripshen what and why it is, would compare with my examples and offered his variant.Vot so you have to be, if you're so - I'll be glad to have you in the ranks of students.

6.Tsena huge! Tc asshole, the course did not buy, but it's an asshole! Reviews delete it!

Do not like the price - do not buy it, no one vparivaet, there is no hint of the imposition of the course, under the gun more so no one makes pokupat.Golye hit and conclusions about the course of those who did not buy it - please do not post, I immediately call the moderators, all is removed, how can you talk about the course, not having been on FSU How we can talk about what you do not know, if you were not in the motivation section on the forum where dozens of success stories of students? I bought the course, learned, wrote otzyv.Ya a moderator section only CEO and section on "Work" where this topic - I can not moderate.

7.What I receive after payment?

Education - after payment receive video / txt + access to the forum, watch / read / do, have questions - ask, discuss - send to the forum, no - rasskazyvayu.Esli you read the topic that many people write that the chip in the forum, unnecessarily there is a lot of relevant info and all you happy pomoch.Ves free software data - paid counterparts shown in forume.Dostup forum and consultations Asik - unlimited.

8.Skolko need to successfully quick Start?

Then (in a week or another) will need $ 10-20 for vpn (both analog proxy / socks or Dedicated Server) and 200-300 rubles for glanders.

9.Kak Otobaya fast I / osvoyu course?

Everything is individual, calculate and even about to say (to you) this time period may depend both on the human factor (your knowledge, experience) and on Yandex, which is quite nepredskazuem.Osnovyvayas on the experience of previous students gives dor $ 200 4 up to 30 days after the publication of indeks.3-4 apa usually climbs Dor ups are completely random, look here labeled SERP.

10.Rynok forum.

In our forum, which you can access after purchase - there is a market, as in any other forum, it is an integral part of the forum who wants to live, and in the end we are all in this forum for one reason - we all want to make money someone else has earned, someone just nachinaet.V Unlike other forums - the market for FSU controlling me, he monopolizirovan. Kursy of its kind in the forum - I only sell and no other, their commercial activities in the forum - with me coordinate is not necessary, but if it is removed - so she does not belong here.

Screenshots provided by actual customers of the service, featuring its primary ICQ contact point:

Blackhat SEO - it doesn't just pay the bills.

Updates will be posted as soon as new developments take place.