Malware - future trends

I'm very excited to let you know that, I have finally managed to release my "Malware - future trends" publication. Basically, it will provide you with an overview of the current trends, the driving factors behind the scene, and some of the trends to come, from my point of view.

As factors contributing to the rise and success of malware I have pointed out :
- Documentation and howto's transformed into source code
- Vulnerabilities, even patches, easily turned into exploits
- Clear signs of consolidation on the malware scene
- The media as a fueling factor for growth
- Over 960M unique Internet users and their connectivity, or purchasing power
- The demand for illegal services

And as far as the trends themselves are concerned, I have indicated :
- Mobile malware will be successfully monetized
- Localization as a concept will attract the coders' attention
- Open Source Malware
- Anonymous and illegal hosting of (copyrighted) data
- The development of Ecosystem
- Rise in encryption and packers
- 0day malware on demand
- Cryptoviral extortion / Ransomware will emerge
- When the security solutions (antivirus etc.) ends up the security problem itself
- Intellectual property worms
- Web vulnerabilities, and web worms - diversity and explicit velocity
- Hijacking botnets and infected PCs
- Interoperability will increase the diversity and reach of the malware scene

Have an opinion? Feel I have somehow missed a point? Let me know, or directly comment on this post! Thanks folks!

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