Monday, October 22, 2007

Empowering the Script Kiddies

What are the chances tools like these, even this one in particular were distibuted to the masses during the Russia vs Estonia DDoS attacks to achieve a full scale people's information warfare effect? Too high not to state it as a fact. What's interesting about this tool is that the authors behind it backdoored it, and so whenever an enthusiastic wannabe hacktivist loads it on her way to DoS a site, a connection to a predefined IRC server opens up providing the authors behind the tool with access to the host. Ironic and bandwidth greedy.

DDoS attacks happen inside Russia too, compared to the inside-to-outside stereotype only. The most recent case of hacktivism in the form of a DDoS attack is for instance the attack on Politcom.Ru Information and Analytic. Summary in English :

"Politcom.Ru Information and Analytic site operations have been halted because of intensive DDoS-attacks. The attacks started on October, 12th and lasted for six days with various intensity. The hosting support service has undertaken attempts to resume the site operations tree-four times a day. But in several hours the attacks would resume. The change of the hosting provider IP-address did not give any positive results, as the attacks removed from the old IP-address to the new one."

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