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From the Koobface Gang with Scareware Serving Compromised Sites

Published by Dancho Danchev under , , , , , , , on May 08, 2010

Following last month's "Dissecting Koobface Gang's Latest Facebook Spreading Campaign" Koobface gang coverage, it's time to summarize some of their botnet spreading activities, from the last couple of days.

Immediately after the suspension of their automatically registered Blogspot accounts, the gang once again proved that it has contingency plans in place, and started pushing links to compromises sites, in a combination with an interesting "visual social engineering trick", across Facebook, which sadly works pretty well, in the sense that it completely undermines the "don't click on links pointing to unknown sites" type of security tips.
The diverse set of activities courtesy of the Koobface gang -- consider going through the related posts in order to understand their underground multitasking mentality beyond the Koobface botnet itself -- are a case study on the abuse of legitimate infrastructure with clean IP/AS reputation, for purely malicious purposes.

This active use of the "trusted reputation chain", just like the majority of social engineering centered tactics of the gang, aim to exploit the ubiquitous weak link in the face of the average Internet user. Here's an example of the most recent campaign.

The spreading of fully working links such as the following ones across Facebook:

aims to trick the infected user's friends, that this is a Facebook.com related link. Clicking on this link inside Facebook leads to the "Be careful" window showing just the bit.ly redirector, to finally redirect to where a Koobface bogus video has already been seen by 2,601 users which have already clicked on the link.

The scareware redirectors/actual serving domains are parked at, AS31252, STARNET-AS StarNet Moldova:
1nasa-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
1online-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
1www2scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
2a-scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
2nasa-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
2online-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
2www2scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
3a-scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
3nasa-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
3online-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
3www2scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
4a-scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
4check-computer.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
4nasa-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
4online-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
4www2scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
5a-scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
5nasa-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
5online-test.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
6a-scanner.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
defence-status6.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
defence-status7.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
mega-scan2.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
protection-status2.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
protection-status4.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
protection-status6.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
security-status1.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
security-status3.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
security-status4.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
security-status6.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
securitystatus7.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
securitystatus8.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
securitystatus9.com - Email: test@now.net.cn
security-status9.com - Email: test@now.net.cn

Detection rates:
- setup.exe - Mal/Koobface-E; W32/VBTroj.CXNF - Result: 7/41 (17.08%)
- RunAV_312s2.exe - VirTool.Win32.Obfuscator.hg!b (v); High Risk Cloaked Malware - Result: 4/41 (9.76%)

The scareware sample phones back to:
- windows32-sys.com/download/winlogo.bmp -, AS13618 CARONET-ASN - Email: contact@privacy-protect.cn
- sysdllupdates.com/?b=312s2 -, AS16276, OVH Paris - Email: contact@privacy-protect.cn

The complete list of compromised sites distributed by Koobface-infected Facebook users:
02f32e3.netsolhost.com /o492dc/
abskupina.si /cclq/
adi-agencement.fr /8r2twm/
agilitypower.dk /ko2/
aguasdomondego.com /d5yodi/
alabasta.homeip.net /e8/
alankaye.info /2cgg/
alpenhaus.com.ar /al5zvf5/
animationstjo.fr /5c/
artwork.drayton.co.uk /k5wz/
beachfishingwa.org.au /u8g98ai/
bildtuben.se /l9jg/
chalet.se /srb/
charlepoeng.be /i0twbt/
christchurchgastonia.org /1hkq/
chunkbait.com /gb4i6ak/
cityangered.se /besttube/
clarkecasa.net /rhk6/
clr.dsfm.mb.ca /2964/
codeditor.awardspace.biz /uncensoredclip/
coloridellavita.com /sc/
cpvs.org /6eobh0n/
danieletranchita.com /yourvids/
dennis-leah.zzl.org /m95/
doctorsorchestra.com /qw/
dueciliguria.it /zircu/
ediltermo.com /p4zhvj0/
emmedici.net /2pg46mk/
eurobaustoff.marketing-generator.de /52649an/

euskorock.es /p4zm/
explicitflavour.freeiz.com /qk3r/
f9phx.net /svr/
fatucci.it /l04s8m2/
forwardmarchministries.org /1bc/
fotoplanet.it /bnog6s/
frenchbean.co.uk /zwr/
furius.comoj.com /1azl/
geve.be /oj4ex4/
gite-maison-pyrenees-luchon.com /jox/
googleffffffffa0ac4d9f.omicronrecords.com /me/
gosin.be /ist63z/
grimslovsms.se /cutetube/
guest.worldviewproduction.com /m2f/
hanssen-racing.com /j15/
helpbt.com /nqo40uq/
helpdroid.omicronrecords.com /7h/
hoganjobs.com /jrepsp/
holustravel.cz /5j5/
hoperidge.com /fltwizy/
hottesttomato.com /6b/
iglesiabetania1.com /7y7/
ihostu.co.uk /jic9v/
ilterrazzoallaveneziana.it /4vxaq5/
integratek.omicronrecords.com /to4u2bd/
irisjard.o2switch.net /lb/
islandmusicexport.com /hbi2ut9/
isteinaudi.it /h2a/
johnphelan.com /uynv4/

jsacm.com /z6/
kabchicago.info /1cgko/
katia-paliotti.com /0baktz/
kennethom.net /l20/
kleppcc.com /aliendemonstration/
klimentglass.cz /vwalp/
kvarteretekorren.se /60/
lanavabadajoz.com /cg/
langstoncorp.com /o2072c/
libermann.phpnet.org /madu8p/
lineapapel.com /8l20up/
longting.nl /6ch/
mainteck-fr.com /qjbo5v/
majesticdance.com /v1g/
mia-nilsson.se /cmc/
microstart.fr /lzu1/
migdal.org.il /y952eo/
mindbodyandsolemt.com /pnbn/
musicomm.ca /a5z/
nassnig.org /z1/
neweed.org /x4t/
nosneezes.com /5hjkdjo/
nottinghamdowns.com /m7ec/
nutman-group.com /92m/
omicronsystems.inc.md /eho0/
on3la.be /bgfhclg/
onlineadmin.net /b7uccx/
ornskoldskatten.se /m1u/
oxhalsobygg.se /amaizingmovies/

partenaires-particuliers.fr /uo/
pegasolavoro.it /3l6/
peteknightdays.com /4ok4/
pheromoneforum.org /ds/
pilatescenter.se /bgx8e/
plymouth-tuc.org.uk /xhaq/
popeur.fr /m7yaw/
pro-du-bio.com /af6xtp/
prousaudio.com /4isg/
puertohurraco.org /q3a1gz/
radioluz900am.com /3i993/
reporsenna.netsons.org /zvz/
rhigar.nu /6v/
richmondpowerboat.com /tifax5/
rmg360.co.cc /22i/
roninwines.com /wonderfulvids/
rrmaps.com /j6o/
rvl.it /bv6k/
scarlett-oharas.com /my0333/
secure.tourinrome.org /qyp/
servicehandlaren.se /yq9ahw0/
servicehandlaren.spel-service.com /q9q115/
sgottnerivers.com /y0j16rw/
shofarcall.com /zi/
sirius-expedition.com /x4yab/

slcsc.co.uk /0kem/
soderback.eu /xvg9/
spel-service.com /xm/
sporthal.msolutions.be /vyx3yu/
steelstoneind.com /yzp/
stgeorgesteel.com /ji/
stgeorgesteel.com /ylnwlr/
stubbieholderking.com /dyarx1/
sweet-peasdog.se /0rcjo/
taekwondovelden.nl /mhnskk/
testjustin.comze.com /oafxzy/
the-beehive.com /r8x3cm/
the-beehive.com /weqw7e/
thedallestransmission.com /rjsg2/
therealmagnets.comuv.com /3wn19n/
thestrategicfrog.110mb.com /66vv/
tizianozanella.it/ k2cei/
trustonecorp.com /mabmpp/
unna.nu /6lie/
uroloki.omicronrecords.com /9t/
vaxjoff.com /4fpu/
veerle-frank.be /l01/
verdiverdi.net /3tt/
visionministerial.com /p191/
waffotis.se /yufi3u/
watsonspipingandheating.com /krda/
welplandeast.com /6q/
williamarias.us /na9mq/
woodworksbyjamie.com /90mrjb/
wowparis2000.com /rtsz/
yin-art.be /a75ble/
youniverse.site50.net /4a9r/

Due to the diversity of its cybercrime operations, the Koobface gang is always worth keeping an eye on. Best of all - it's done semi-automatically these days.

The best is yet to come, stay tuned!

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