Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still Living in the Perimeter Defense World

Whereas you'd better break out of the budget-allocation myopia and consider prioritizing your security investments, decreased spending on information security in certain regions means good old-fashioned malware and spam floods for the rest of regions doing it :

"Fewer small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan will increase their spending on information security this year compared with last year, according to a report released Thursday by the Institute for Information Industry's Market Intelligence Center (MIC). The report said that only 12.9 percent of SMEs will increase their information security spending in 2007, compared with 16.2 percent in 2006."

Perimeter defense and host security is like the ABC of security, but since viruses and network attacks are "taken care of" all seems fine -- you wish.

"While more than 90 percent of SMEs have installed anti-virus software and firewall devices, only 11 percent have installed unified threat management products, according to Wang."

And while your organization is multitasking on how to budget with the anyway scarce resources due to legal requirements to do so, or visionary leaders realizing the soft and hard cash losses if you dare to pretend your organization wouldn't get breached into, regions around the world don't have the incentives to do so. If you bring too many people to a party someone always takes a *** in the beer, or so they say. Know when to spend, how much, on what, and is the timing for your investment the right one given the environmental factors of your company. A small size business doesn't really need a honeyfarm unless of course the admin is putting a personal effort in the job.