Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who's Who on Information and Network Security in Europe

A very handy summary of Europe's infosec entities and contact details that come as a roadmap for possible partnerships or analyst's research :

"This Directory serves as the “Yellow pages” of Network and Information Security in Europe. As such, it is a powerful tool in everyday life of all European stakeholders and actors in Network and Information Security (NIS). By having access to all contact data and entry points for all European actors in one booklet, available on your desk, the “arm length’s rule” of access to information is becoming concrete. I am confident that this device of compiled Network and Information Security stakeholders, contacts, websites, areas of responsibility/activity of national and European Authorities, including organisations acting in Network Security and Information, serves our mission to enhance the NIS security levels in Europe well."

Compared to China's information security market on which I've blogged in a previous post, Europe's R&D efforts are still largely de-centralized on a country level, but hopefully, with the ongoing initiatives among member states innovation will prevail over bureaucracy.