Monday, January 08, 2007

Iran Bans Purchase of Foreign Satellite Data

Re-inventing the wheel :

"According to the bill, a copy of which has been sent to all ministries, organizations, state and revolutionary institutions, the purchase of information from foreign sources is deemed against the law. Specialists of the Defense Ministry have currently succeeded in initiating a project for obtaining satellite information online. For the first time in Iran, it is now possible to produce topographic maps, on a scale of 1/10,000, of a specific area for municipal and developmental projects, with the satellite images of very high resolution."

Guess they don't want others to know which locations of their country are still unknown to themselves, but with the bill definitely implemented as a national security measure, and to improve the nation's self-esteem, drop a line if they ever get close to producing such high-resolution image of their Natanz facility on their own.