Web Based Malware Emphasizes on Anti-Debugging Features

Following the ongoing development of a particular web based malware, always comes handy in terms of assessing the commoditization of anti-debugging features within modern malware. With plain simple, "managed binary crypting and firewall bypassing verification" on demand in February, to August's overall anti antivirus software mentality as a key differentiation factor of the malware.

So what are they working on? Anti tracing and emulation protection, PeiD and PESniffer protection, as well as anti heuristic scanning with a simple junk data adding feature in order to maintain a smaller binary size.

Here's a translated description :

"- The binary works under admin and under normal user
- The binary is always run as the "current user"
- An unlimited number of bots can be loaded and integrated within the command and control, and with the geolocation feature, filters can be applied for a particular country
-After successful infection, the binary which is tested against popular firewall and proactive protection security ensures that the actions it takes and their order do not trigger protactive protection mechanisms in place
- binary file size is 25k, the size can be reduced once it's crypted

- Doesn't take advantage of BITS protocol
- Doesn't allow an infected host to be infected twice
- Bypassing NAT and supporting "always-on" connections
- A simple, easy to configure web based admin panel"

What if the buyer doesn't care about the quality assurance practices applied? Managed lower AV detection and firewall bypassing service comes into play.


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